"It's time for PASSWORD!!! Today's special guests are, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart, and from The Price is Right, Bob Barker! And now, here's the host, JOHN SALLEY!"

Password is a 2001 unsold pilot/revival/update of Password Plus and Super Password hosted by John Salley, announced by Rod Roddy, produced by Mark Goodson Productions and Pearson Television, and it was taped for syndication on June 23, 2001, at CBS Television City. It was made 2 1⁄2 months before Rod Roddy was diagnosed with colon cancer.


Gameplay was the same as Password Plus and Super Password, except the puzzle, was worth $250,000 more than the previous, starting with $250,000, and ending with $1,000,000.

After the second puzzle, the team was playing with the "Cash-Off" game. This was where the celebrity gave up to three clues, trying to get the contestant to say the Cash-Off. Correctly guessing the Cash-Off won a cash jackpot which started at $60,000 and grew by that amount until won, with the highest being $1,250,000.

If the celebrity gives an illegal clue, Cash-Off automatically ends. The contestants then switched celebrity partners. The first team to reach $250,000 or more won the game.

Bonus RoundEdit

In the bonus round called "The Password Endgame", it plays like the Alphabetics in Password Plus and the Super Password End Game in Super Password, except when getting all ten in 60 seconds won the jackpot which still started at $100,000 and grew by that amount every time it was not won, and illegal clues forfeited the chance at the jackpot. There was no max jackpot in this version, the highest of which was $125,000.


  • The main theme was later used as the main theme for the pricing game for The Price is Right, "Coming or Going".
  • During the closing credits and the Mark Goodson Productions logo, announcer Rod Roddy said "This is Roddddddddd Roddy, speaking for Password! A Mark Goodson Television Production".
  • The sounds are the same ones used in the 1998 revival of Match Game.
  • After the pilot was made, Rod did one more to announce outside of TPIR, the first ever Game Show Week of the Tom Bergeron version of Hollywood Squares in 2002.
  • Rod Roddy appears on-camera on this pilot.