Pasi Peure (born August 16, 1956) is an Italian-El Kadsreian director, poet and writer known for directing Technic Heroes films. He is also known for Pasi Peure's Grand Burlesque Show, a music group known for helping revive burlesque in the UEKN regions.

Early life

Pasi was born in Italy and moved to El Kadsre at age 5. He attended the El Kadsre City School for Foreigners.


He started as a director for films in 1975. His first success was his movie titled Saturn, released in 1976.


Technic Heroes

Year Title Writer
1978 Nova Orbis Ryu Hamasaki
1983 Quest for the Masks III: Mask of Light Sung Gim
1983 Nova Orbis 2: Return of the Team Miro Sung Gim and Ryu Hamasaki
1984 Bionicle IV: Legends of Metru Nui Sung Gim
1985 Bionicle V: Web of Shadows
1986 Bionicle VI: Island of Doom
1987 Bionicle VII: Sea of Darkness
1988 Bionicle VIII: The Final Battle
1989 Bionicle IX: The Legend Reborn
1991 Hero Factory II: Ordeal of Fire
1991 Hero Factory III: Savage Planet
1992 Hero Factory IV: Breakout
1993 Hero Factory V: Brain Attack
1996 Bionicle: The Next Generation Sung Gim and Ryu Hamasaki
1996 Nova Orbis 3: Crackdown
1997 Nova Orbis 4: Death Race
1997 Boost


Year Title Writer Studio
1976 Saturn Florian Hill El TV Kadsre Films
1989 8989 Rudolph Patton El TV Kadsre Films
1995 Gradius Sung Gim El TV Kadsre Films
1997 Planet Ripple John Stewart El TV Kadsre Films