PTSUG (formerly Portosic OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Theorysonic for TheoryPhone, TheoryPhone Mini, Portosic Touch, TheoryTablet Mini and TheoryTablet devices and formally TheoryPDA devices.

Originally unveiled in 1996 for the TheoryPhone and TheoryPDA (as a replacement for old TS-UGOS for TheoryPDA), PTSUG has been extended to support other Theorysonic devices such as the Blue King Color (1996), TheoryPDA Style (March 1999), Portosic Touch (January 2005) and the TheoryTablet (January 2006).


The development of Portosic OS for TheoryPhone dates back to 1994.




Version historyEdit


The PTSUG has positive reviews and commercially successful. It has a huge library of games and software.

Usage shareEdit

PTSUG is the popular mobile operating system.

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