Our Driller, known as Driller (ドリラー Dorirā?) in Japanese, is the anthem of Minecraftia High School. The song was commissioned by Susumu Takajima for Minecraftia, with the words written by members of Chrysalis and the music produced by Driller. The lyrics were originally written in Japanese, with it being translated into English by Driller, who is also Japanese but speaks excellent English.

Official Lyrics

Driller and members of Chrysalis have set lyrics in two different languages. The lyrics go as it follows:

English Japanese (Hiragana) Japanese (Romaji)
Our Driller

He comes from Tokyo
Mentioned through his name
He comes from Kobe
He will do it
Right here as it is from Tokyo
Give us this game from our yearly keen
And dispel our bad spirits
Then dispel those who attack our land
And lead us not to our death
And keep our land out from evil

Spoken Only:
Driller, our game is about to begin.
Keep Minecraftia glorious and free
as we play this match!

Singing continued:
For our nation
For our power
And our glory is yours
Now and forever!
Thank you!
Thank you!



Spoken Only:

Singing continued:


Kita wa Tōkyō
Genkyū wa namae
Kita wa Kōbe
Sore o yaru
Koko ni kara wa Tōkyō
Atae gēmu kita wa surudoi
Fusshoku wa waru seishin
Fusshoku wa tatakau seishin
Namari wa nai shi
Iji o daichi kita wa aku

Spoken Only:
Dorirā-san, gēmu wa hajimaru!
Iji o Mainkurafuto-koku wa eikō to muryō
Wareware wa kono shiai o suru!

Singing continued:
Tame ni kuni
Tame ni pawā
Eiko no anata
Ima to eien

It is often noted that the English lyrics reference The Lord's Prayer from the Christian and Catholic religions. The lyrics and the music itself are placed into the public domain, freely allowing fans to produce arrangements and other derived works.

When the song plays on RATI-FM in the Island of Sally and possibly other radio stations, religious references are censored with サラダ (salad).


Our Driller is generally performed before sporting events involving Minecraftia High School themselves. Singers at events often mix the English and Japanese lyrics to represent Minecraftia's linguistic duality. There were some instances where Our Driller was performed at a non-school event, such as the 2006 Driller Engine Grand Prix, being sung by Kagami Ochiai.

The laws of Minecraftia, including Major League Quidditch, Major League Gaming, and the Driller Engine Grand Prix require that all schools perform Our Driller before any games that involve Minecraftia High School, with the away team's anthem being performed first, followed by the host team's anthem. One spleef team in Minecraftia, being the Minecraftia Endermen, decided to go a step further and perform Our Driller before every game, due to the massive number of fans from Minecraftia High School attending the matches.

Our Driller is also performed at the Start-of-Year Ceremony and all religious ceremonies at Minecraftia High School.