Oasina (/ɔasinə/, /ohseema/, or /oʒinə/) (Thai: หำยฟสท H̄ảyfs̄th) (Oasinese: ๆยหมฟมืห Yh̄mfmụ̄h̄) or the Special Island Republic of Thailand, unofficially known as Commonwealth Republic of Oasina is an Asian and Oceanian island country located on the east of the Philippines, west of Dankia and Palau is something near this. It is bigger than Palau, Guam, Marshall Islands, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Brunei, Fiji, Vanuatu, Northern Mariana Islands, Federal States of Micronesia, Tokelau, Christmas Island, Cooks Island, Tuvalu, Wake Island, Singapore, Jasmrael, Tausugia, Harmonia, and all of the islands. But its smaller than China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dankia, Ladinya, Chaidong, and Minecraftia. And the same size with Philippines.


Pre-history: 163 BC - 1232 ADEdit

In 163 BC, Oasina broke up with the Philippines and Palau.

Oasinan Empire: 1232 AD - 1500 AD Edit

In 1231 AD, British people established the Oasinan Empire and the Oasinese language was introduced.

Thai Rule: 1500 AD - 1310Edit

In 1500 AD, Thais, have invaded the Oasinan Empire with the Thai Script.

Independence from Thailand: 1310 - 1710Edit

In 1310, Oasina gained independence from Thailand or Siam.

Thai Colonization: 1710-1942Edit

In 1710, Thailand settlers colonized the Oasina Islands.

Republic of Oasina 1942-1965Edit

Oasilse Union: 1965-1985Edit

Main article: Oasilse Union

North and South Oasina: 1985-1992Edit

Modern Oasina: 1992-presentEdit








  • Oasinan people can't go to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (or North Korea). These countries are bannable for Oasina.
  • The average age of marriage is 19.
  • The average age of drinking is 21.


  • The school week is from Monday to Friday while the average is Monday to Saturday.
  • The Oasina Public High School is located in Vestro in Oasina City, with 20 floors. while the average is 129.
  • The school time is 8:40am-2:20pm while the average is 8:30am-2:35pm.
  • Oasina has 75 schools, while the average is 81.