"Hidden in this jumble of letters is the last name of the host of The Price is Right. Can you find it? Now you see it! That's how we play... NOW... YOU... SEE... IT... NOW YOU SEE IT! And here's the host of our show, now you see him, ROD RODDY!"

Now You See It is an unsold pilot/revival of the 1974 show hosted by Rod Roddy, who voiced The Price is Right at the time, announced by Burton Richardson, produced by Mark Goodson Productions and Pearson Television and it was taped for syndication on August 18, 2000 at CBS Television City and it was intended to pair up with the new nighttime version of The Price is Right. There are three pilots taped.


Qualifying Round

The Qualifying Round looks exactly just like in the 1989 version, except scoring how much does not require time on the clock and the player 1 won 10,000 points.

Championship Round

The Championship Round looks exactly just like in the 1989 version, except the board is updated containing six or more possible words was revealed and the first board was worth $1000 in cash and reached $100,000 in cash and won their game and played the solo round.

Bonus Game (Solo Round)

The bonus round plays just like in the 1974-75, 1985 pilot and 1989 versions. However, the contestant doesn't have an electronic pencil and the correct answer was, however, worth $1000 dollars.


  • The main theme for the show is a remake of Quincy Jones' "Chump Change" done by Score Productions.
  • This was Rod Roddy's first hosting job.