Nicholas Lakewood is a American animated television series created by Zach G. for ABC as apart of their Saturday morning block. The show premiered on June 15, 1996, and ended on April 13, 2002. The series ran for 7 seasons, 125 episodes, and a theatrical film. The show is about the misadventures of 13-year-old eighth grader Nicholas Lakewood (voiced by Keith Ferguson), as he hangs out with his friends Colleen (voiced by Kath Soucie) and Duran (voiced by Dana Snyder). And every day something bad happens because of their worst enemy Zinlong (voiced by Tom Kane), so Nicholas must team up with his friends to stop their plans.

Zach G. made a comic strip about the title character in the early 1990s, and later reluctantly pitched the series to ABC as a Saturday morning cartoon. The network gave the staff a large amount of creative freedom, with the writers targeting both children and adults.

The series later became a huge hit for ABC, as it spawned a successful franchise and adaptations into other media, such as books, and video games.

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After developing the comics, Zach wanted to adapt the series to television. After NBC and Fox declined, the series was pitched to ABC.

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Season 1's animation was done by Klasky Csupo, and then production was switched to Film Roman for the remainder of the series run.

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Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 10 June 15, 1996 October 12, 1996
2 18 November 23, 1996 May 17, 1997
3 21 October 25, 1997 May 23, 1998
4 19 September 12, 1998 June 19, 1999
5 19 August 7, 1999 June 17, 2000
6 19 November 18, 2000 July 21, 2001
7 19 July 28, 2001 April 13, 2002
Theatrical film June 1, 2002

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Title Release date No. of episodes Years aired No. of discs
Nicholas Lakewood: The Complete First Season September 9, 2000 10 1996 2
Nicholas Lakewood: The Complete Second Season April 11, 2001 18 1996–1997 2
Nicholas Lakewood: The Complete Third Season August 30, 2001 21 1997–1998 2
Nicholas Lakewood: The Complete Fourth Season March 8, 2002 19 1998–1999 2
Nicholas Lakewood: The Complete Fifth Season June 19, 2002 19 1999–2000 2
Nicholas Lakewood: The Complete Sixth Season December 30, 2002 19 2000–2001 2
Nicholas Lakewood: The Complete Seventh and Final Season February 10, 2003 19 2001–2002 2