Netspace Navigator is a discontinued web browser created by Netspace. The web browser was created in 1987 to compete with Theorynet. It was the dominant web browser in terms of usage share between the late-1980s and the 1990s, but in 2001, its usage almost disappeared due to Star Web's increased usage. In 2006, Netspace Navigator becomes unsupported as Netspace went defunct on the same year. It was EKS Vortex's default browser from EKS Vortex 3 to EKS Vortex 10.

History and development Edit

Origin Edit

Netspace Navigator is inspired by the success of Theorynet. When Denzel Apted left Theorysonic in 1980 and founded Netspace a year later, he saw what Victor Nelsen is making the what is the world's first web browser called "LenseNet" He helped him create the LenseNet together. Netspace also helped Theorysonic develop Theorynet.

In 1986, during the success of Theorynet, Netspace and Theorysonic started development of the web browser planned to replace Theorynet called Netspace Theorynet, the web browser, only released the beta only for developers and was never released to the public. When Theorysonic and Netspace broke their relationships, Netspace announced that the development of Netspace Theorynet is officially canceled. Theorysonic released the second version of Theorynet in May 19, 1987, the same day when TS-UGOS 2 is released, while Netspace released their web browser named Netspace Navigator 13 days later.

Netspace also mentioned on its first press release (3 April 1987) that it would make Netspace Navigator available without charge to all non-commercial users, and beta versions of version 1.0 and 1.1 were indeed freely downloadable in May 1987 and December 1987, with the full version 1.0 available in June 1987. Netspace's initial corporate policy regarding Netspace Navigator is interesting, as it claimed that it would make Netspace Navigator freely available for non-commercial use in accordance with the notion that Internet software should be distributed for free

Rise of Netspace Edit

Decline Edit

Legacy Edit

See also Edit

  • Solgaleo - the web browser that is the spirital successor of Netspace Navigator.

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