Nehervia Smart (also known as SuperSmart TV or Nehervia SuperSmart) is a series of smart TVs created and marketed by Theorysonic. It is the first smart TV technology and also the first TV with USB multimedia player.


Theorysonic invented the smart TV in 2000 after a few testings. It had live channels, Star Web web browser, USB multimedia player, applications, better digital TV tuners with HD support, etc.

It first went on sale in El Kadsre on November 15, 2001, with TVOS.


  • Internet capability with Star Web/Red Star features.
  • Digital TV tuners.
  • USB multimedia player.
  • WiFi and Ethernet.
  • Live channels and paid subscription.
  • Web and offline applications.
  • Full HD and 4K Ultra HD support.


  • SPMT-1000 (2001) - first Nehervia Internet TV.
  • SPMT-1500 (2002)
  • SPMT-2000 (2003)
  • SPMT-2500 Big Wide (2003)
  • SPMT-3500 HD (2005)
  • SPMT-3750 (2007) - first TV with Acura audio.
  • SPMT-4000 (2008)
  • SPMT-4500 (2010)
  • SPMT-4600 (2011)
  • SPMT-4750 (2012)
  • SPMT-5000 4K (2014)
  • SPMT-5500 (2016)
  • SPMT-5600 (2016)
  • SPMT-6000 (2017)

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