Naisuka (pronounced nai-su-ca or nai-ska) is an El Kadsreian home appliances company and technology company headquarted in The Capital, El Kadsre. It was founded in October 1929.


Naiksuka entered the television market in 1951 starting with NSK-TV-100 and NSK-TV-200.

Naisuka entered the computer market in 1980.

Naisuka entered the mobile phone market in 1989.


LCD and LED panelsEdit

Mobile phonesEdit

Naisuka produces mobile phones with ViraOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

Naisuka's flagship mobile handset line is the Naisuka V-Phone Z series, which many consider a direct competitors of the TheoryPhone and ViraPhone.



Naisuka produces personal computers that run in Microsoft Windows, EyeLine OS, EKS Vortex, Xenika, TSUG or Ubuntu.


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