Miyuki's Ice World (高良ミユキの氷会 Takara Miyuki no Kōri-kai?, lit. Miyuki Takara's Icy World) is the collective name for a series of snow levels within The Drillimation Series. Appearing in the anime and games, they center on the "snow worlds" created by Miyuki Takara.


In the animeEdit

Star TrigonEdit

"Don't blame me Wataru. You seem to be a little cold there, but for me, I'm always warm."
- Miyuki Takara, to Wataru

In the Star Trigon anime, Miyuki first appears in the episode Driller Engine Grand Prix. The worlds weren't mentioned in that episode, but her first icy weapon, being the Ice Shell, appeared in the episode being used. Later in the anime, typically during the winter seasons, whenever she encounters Wataru on the first day of winter, she always greets him with "Welcome to Miyuki's Ice World! Enjoy your stay!"

Lucky StarEdit

"Oh, Miyuki! You're back! And hey, you look so elegant and beautiful!"
- Susumu Hori, to Miyuki

In the Lucky Star anime, Miyuki becomes one of the main characters. As depicted in the first episode, she was given her signature white gown resembling Yukari Yakumo's (Miyuki was of the same bloodline as Yakumo) when inside the Lucky Star Kingdom. She has two gowns she wears when either at home or somewhere else; one for summer with long blue gloves, and the other for winter with long sleeves covering her gloves except for her hands. Whenever visitors encounter her during the wintertime, she always says the same quote above.

In the gamesEdit

Driller Engine Grand Prix seriesEdit

Several courses throughout the Driller Engine Grand Prix series of racing games are named Miyuki's Ice World. However, one course in the first game is named Yukari's Ice World. Many players didn't know that the character associated with it was Yukari Yakumo, but Drillimation decided to clear up the confusion by telling that the character associated with it was Yukari Takara. The same thing also happened to Driller Engine Grand Prix 2, where the same names were used, but had different layouts.

The name has been reused in any subsequent games featuring snow courses, with the exception of Driller Engine Grand Prix 5 and Driller Engine Grand Prix 6, where the snow course inside is called Taizo Pass and Taizo Summit respectively.

Lucky Star seriesEdit

One of Miyuki's spell cards is named Miyuki's Ice World, where icy shards penetrate all bullets on-screen.

Mr. Driller seriesEdit

In the Mr. Driller series of platforming games, one of the worlds in-game is called Miyuki's Ice World. In these scenarios, at the beginning, Wataru is angry and cannot settle down, and tells Susumu that Miyuki had been frozen solid, and a mecha Cirno has frozen her solid.