Minecraftian Quidditch (マインクラフト国のクィディッチ Mainkurafuto-koku no Kuidicchi?) is a variation of quidditch played in Minecraftia. It is one of the most popular sports played within Minecraftia, besides Mario Kart and Phantasmagoria.


Matches begin when the referee releases all balls from their case and throws the quaffle to the center of the field. The object of the game is a team of seven must score more points than their opponents. Each goalpost is worth 10 to 30 points and capturing the snitch is worth 150 points. Unlike regular quidditch, there is a set time limit lasting an hour. There are three rounds to a game of quidditch and one of the teams must win at least two rounds to win the match. Games can be as short as half an hour or can last up to three hours if the snitch hasn't been caught within each round.

Ball TypesEdit


The quaffle (くアフル Kuafuru?) is a volleyball generally used by chasers for scoring. In fact, the quaffle can be used to fend off bludgers.


The bludgers (ブラッドジャー Buraddojā?) are two dodgeballs used by beaters to deter chasers from scoring or preventing the seekers from trying to capture the snitch. Beaters can use bats to fend off bludgers from the opposing team.


The snitch (スニッチ Sunicchi?) is a small golf ball controlled by a drone. This ball can only be touched by the seekers, and when caught, the round immediately ends.

Player TypesEdit


The chaser (チェイサー Cheisā?) consists of three players and are the players who score. They are, in fact, the only player type who is allowed to touch the quaffle.


The beater (ビーター Bītā?) consists of two players and their main goal is to fend off the bludgers or use the bludgers to prevent chasers from scoring or the seeker of the opposing team from trying to capture the snitch.


The keeper (キーパー Kīpā?) consists of one player and their goal is to guard the goalposts and prevent the chasers of the opposing team from scoring.


The Seeker (シーカー Shīkā?) consists of only one player with the main goal of trying to capture the snitch. The snitch is controlled by a drone and can be captured quickly if the seeker has the ability to jump high. Players who capture it will immediately end the round.

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