The Minecraftia Prison (マインクラフト国刑務所 Mainkurafuto-koku Keimusho?) is a fictional prison that people are sent if they violate the laws of Minecraftia.

Known prisonersEdit

Prisoner Year Punished Crime(s) Current Status
Joey Belmont 2006 Charged after launching DDoS attacks on Nihon Ad Systems, Toei Animation, and 20th Century Fox as retaliation for taking down doujin content on VidSpace. Sentenced to four years in prison, escaped in 2007.
Takumi Hearthcliffe 2007 Hearthcliffe was charged with running the hacktivist group Team Crimson, was revealed to be the true killer against Hikari Uchida. Sentenced to death, escaped before his execution, was killed by Driller during the Second Battle of Minecraftia.

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