Minecraftia Highway 201 (マインクラフト国道路201 Mainkurafuto Dōro Nihyaku-ichi?), also known as The King's Highway (王の道路 Ō no Dōro?) or the MI-201 and often called the two-oh-one, is a 200-series highway in Minecraftia, travelling down the southern coast of the country. The highway spans more than 3,000 kilometers across the country and crosses through thirteen of the country's provinces, making it easy to get to get to Tokyo, Japan more efficiently.



The route begins at the end of the Marine Highway in the US state of Alaska, and along with Minecraftia Highway 202, runs for 587.4 km (365 miles) across from the northern part of Gatashima and crosses through Lucky Lagoon City.

Minecraftia Province

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A sign with an exit that that leads to Downtown Minecraftia City. The other two lanes can allow the driver to bypass the city via Minecraftia Highway 202.

The route continues for another 193.1 km (120 miles) across Minecraftia province. Around the section of Minecraftia City, the highway generally fares around 300,000 vehicles per day during rush hours, especially during the summer months. This often leads to massive traffic jams during that time. The 201 also crosses through Downtown Minecraftia City, where traffic is much worse. Minecraftia Highway 202 branches off into another path halfway throughout the province, ending its sharing around that time.

New Saitama

The route continues for another 223.7 km (139 miles) across New Saitama. Before it exits the province, a small portion of it borders Akashima, and is often a popular tourist spot.


For the next 82.1 km (51 miles), the route continues south with it being the smallest portion of the Minecraftia Highway 201.


Upon exiting Naisashima, the highway continues southbound in Hirokyo province for 358.9 km (223 miles). A small portion of it borders its neighboring province, Naisashima.

In pop culture

  • The phrase At the other end of the 201 (201の反対側に Nihyaku Ichi no Hantaisoku ni?) is often used in Minecraftia City when referring to Dockery Bay and in Dockery Bay when referring to Minecraftia City.
  • The 201 has often been a backdrop for several films, TV shows, and anime for scenes that involve travel.