The Minecraftia Health Network (マインクラフト国健康ネットワーク Mainkurafuto-koku Kenkō Nettowāku?) is a hospital located in Minecraftia City, Minecraftia. It was created for Minecraftian citizens who suffer injuries or diseases, all of which are sent or brought here for treatment. The hospital is well-known for dealing with all kinds of medical issues, such as repairing/replacing broken bones or fixing a diseased/damaged organ.

Known victimsEdit

Patient Date occurred Case Treatment(s) used Location of injury/disease
Soichirou Kishimizu November 22, 1988 Cancerous tumor was found in his esophagus Had surgery to remove the tumor Esophagus
Susumu Takajima July 17, 2006 Joey Belmont made a cut in Driller to obtain a blood sample, used it to revive Takumi Hearthcliffe. Sutures Minecraftia Square
Susumu Takajima August 18, 2006 Impacted wisdom teeth Had surgery to remove the impacted teeth. Back of his mouth
Kagami Ochiai September 28, 2006 Had an allergic reaction after taking a bite from the Super Bravery Bar. Epinephrine through intravenous therapy Minecraftia High School cafeteria
Ryuta Shigematsu December 11, 2006 Cancerous tumor was found in his bile duct Had surgery to remove the tumor, his gallbladder was also removed after cancer was found there as well. Bile duct, gallbladder
Yumi Ochiai December 29, 2006 Twisted ankle during a battle Had surgery to repair the damage, took ibuprofen to heal the wound Sanyou Expressway
Ryuta Shigematsu July 9, 2007 Had allergic reaction to a medication Had to have an IV to eradicate the poison. Minecraftia Health Network
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