Minecraftia Day (マインクラフト国の日 Mainkurafuto-koku no Hi?) is the national holiday of Minecraftia. It celebrates the anniversary on May 17, 1809, when Minecraftia declared independence from Japan under Swedish rule. Originally called Confederation Day (連合の日 Rengō no Hi?), the holiday was renamed to Minecraftia Day in 1989 when Sweden returned the rule of Minecraftia back to Japan and the United States claiming rule of the country.

Most businesses except fast-food restaurants and drug stores are not in operation on Minecraftia Day, and Minecraftia Day celebrations take part throughout the entire country. If the day falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, students must report to school as usual but have an early dismissal. School is not in session if the day falls on a Monday or Friday.

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