Minecraftia (Japanese: マインクラフト国 Mainkurafuto-koku?), also known as Minecraft, is a country in Eastern Asia and North America. Its provinces expand from southwestern Alaska to Tokyo, Japan. The country is bordered by the US state of Alaska in Eastern Minecraftia, while Western Minecraftia borders Tokyo, Japan. It is located in the Pacific Ocean.


Pre-history: Before 1809Edit

Minecraftia had existed for two centuries as far back as 1609 before the confederation. Back then, the country was unnamed. The country was named The Gensoukyou Colony before the Minecraftia name was coined. During the 1720s, an outbreak of an unnamed disease affecting only men killed a large portion of the population, resulting in a gender gap. One of the survivors, Rinnosuke Morichika, wanted to expand The Gensoukyou Colony's population. He had several wives across the colony who only had one child, thus many of Minecraftia's famous celebrities are descended from. Before Morichika married Marisa Kirisame in 1703, a special feast was held, making it the first formal dance in the colony. During the court selection for the winner, Marisa Kirisame was elected the winner, becoming Minecraftia's first monarch and queen.

Japanese and Swedish Colonization: 1809-1873Edit

On May 17, 1809, Minecraftia and three of its provinces, Minecraftia, Gatashima, and Pohatosin became confederated as an independent country ruled by Sweden and Japan. The Gensoukyou colony had dissolved after the confederation, and folded into Minecraftia.

Ruling of King Soujirou Izumi (1982-2006)Edit

In 1982, Prince Soujirou Izumi and Princess Kanata Kobayakawa ascended the throne upon the death of Soujirou's father. On May 28, 1983, the monarch had their first and only daughter, Princess Konata Izumi. Five months later after Konata's birth, Queen Kanata was assassinated by Fred Fuchs.

In 1989, Sweden returned the rule of Minecraftia back to Japan, with the United States claiming rule over the country. Shortly after the US acquired it, the Swedish language began to decline. 1989 also marked the birth of the famous couple of Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai respectively.

Current Monarch (2006-present)Edit

On April 7, 2006, Princess Konata Izumi and Prince Susumu Hori ascended the throne after getting married. In March 2008, the serial killer Hearthcliffe was finally defeated by Takajima and Ochiai.


Main Article: Provinces of Minecraftia

Minecraftia is broken down into more than 30 provinces that span across the Northern Pacific Ocean. Many provinces' names are of Japanese origin, with many ending in -shima or -shin. Some notable provinces are based on real places from Japan, such as New Saitama. Some provinces, such as North Horudika and South Horudika, as well as East Jara and West Jara, were once one province but split into two after they wanted to become independent.

Map of province Minecraftia with labels



Minecraftia is a constitutional monarchy where its power is limited by law. It is usually by a king or a queen, or in most cases, both. When the current monarch either dies, abdicates the throne, or becomes overthrown, their eldest child assumes the throne.

Monarch listEdit

No. Name Gender Born Coronated on Died Note(s)
1 Marisa Kirisame Female 1671 1703 1752
2 Male 1704 1752 1787
3 Female 1727 1787 1804
4 Female 1761 1804 1833 Abdicated in 1831.
5 Male 1792 1831 1864
6 Male 1814 1864 1889 Was impeached and overthrown.
7 Male 1839 1870 1911
8 Female 1866 1911 1949
9 Male 1898 1949 1975 Abdicated in 1963.
10 Male 1932 1963 1982
11 Soujirou Izumi Male 1960 1982 living Was impeached and overthrown.
12 Konata Izumi Female 1983 2006 living Current monarchy.

Current In-Line SuccessionEdit

No. Name Gender Born Note(s)
1 Tetsuo Izumi-Hori Male 2006 Heir apparent.
2 Kotori Izumi-Hori Female 2009


Classes run from Monday through Friday, with classes beginning at 8:30 AM and ending at 3:00 PM. The school year typically follows the Japanese standard, with it starting on the first Monday in April and ending on the second-to-last or last Friday in March of the following year. Students get three breaks: a six-week break in the summer which lasts from the end of the second week in July until the last week in August. Some schools have their break at the end of the third week in July until the beginning of September. Students have a two-week long Christmas break at the end of December until the first Monday in January. The last break occurs in March, where students have a week-long Spring break until the next school year begins.


Minecraftia is a bilingual country, with two languages being used: English and Japanese. Around 20% of the country's population have spoken a non-official language, with some of these being Swedish, Chinese, Korean, and even Spanish. Swedish was an official language in Minecraftia before the Swedish rule of it was returned to Japan.


Marital LawEdit

Like in the United States, the marriage age has always been 18, but it is not common for a couple to get married after finishing high school. Most couples in Minecraftia usually get married after finishing college. Same-sex marriage is banned in Minecraftia, and any married homosexual couples are not permitted to visit Minecraftia.

Traditional weddings are held at shrines and Christian churches, even if the couple isn't Christian. Since the early 20th century, it was common for newlyweds to wear the Minecraftian crown during their ceremonies, as they pretty much resembled the weddings held by royal family members.


Currently, Minecraftia has 27 million living residents.


Families in Minecraftia are also clans. With approval from their city governments, they are allowed to build Japanese-style castles. The founders live in these castles, alongside their children. Once the main founder, the daimyo, dies, their eldest son takes their position. Youngest daughters of a clan can become a mikohime (巫女姫 lit. Shrine maiden princess?) at the age of ten, and serve as a miko to their clan.