Sir Michael "Mikey" James Vlokozu, Jr. (September 26, 1929 - March 25, 1989) was a prime minister and founder of the Vlokozu Union.


Vlokozu was born in Dubbo on September 26, 1929. His father, Michael Vlokozu, Sr., was Australian, and his mother, Lia Tuiasosopo, was Samoan.

Personal lifeEdit

Vlokozu lived a lavish lifestyle, living in a large, 9-story, 250 room mansion in El Kadsre City (which has since been converted into Trump Tower El Kadsre City). His prized possessions included a restored 1943 Toyota AC, a ZIL-4104 limousine gifted to him by Russian pianist Irina Plotnikova, and a collection of abstract artwork.


He died on March 25, 1989 at NTT Medical Center Tokyo in the Gotanda district of Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan due to wounds received from ballistic trauma. He was assassinated by David Hukina, a member of the Hukina royal family, who were the last ruling royal family of Vicnora at the time. Susumu Mizushima took over after his death, but dissolved the Vlokuzu Union afterwards, forming the United El Kadsreian Nations.

Following his death, Michael's body was flown from Japan to El Kadsre, where his body was displayed in a room at the Vlokozu Palace (now United El Kadsreian Nations Administration Building). Afterwards, Angélique Vlokozu, one of his adopted daughters, took Michael's body and gave him a quick and clandestine burial in the woods near Caelum before she and most of her adoptive family fled the United El Kadsreian Nations into exile in Belgium, leaving her two brothers Jarred and David, who will later become a prime minister of El Kadsre in 1996 and her sister Jacqui.

In 1995, his burial site was declared a National Monument of El Kadsre.