Mazey Chasers is a 1-vs.-3 minigame featured in Creation Universe Millenium.


Stomping noises are heard while the lone player turns around with them getting shocked. The camera then zooms out with the walls being raised and the lighting becoming dim, starting the minigame.


The game is played in the style of Pac-Man, but with the main goal of the solo player being to evade capture from the three other players, all of which are driving a ghost machine. The three other players' goals are to capture the lone player as they run around the maze. However, collecting a power pellet will increase the player's speed, which can obviously make the game harder for the solo player.


  • Control Stick: Move

In-game TextEdit

  • Instructions: One player runs while the other three try to capture the lone player. If the lone player isn't captured within the time limit, they win.
  • Advice: Grabbing a power pellet will increase your speed but watch out how fast you're going!


The lighting gets lighter. If the lone player wasn't captured, the ghost machines break down as the lone player strikes their victory pose. If the lone player was captured, the three players who captured the lone player will strike victory poses.

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