"Get ready to match the stars... (insert celebrities' names) as we play the star-studded Match Game 2010! And now, here's the host of Match Game 2010, CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT!"

Match Game 2010 is an unsold game show pilot of a revival of the classic game show that was hosted by Christopher Knight, announced by Rich Fields, produced by FremantleMedia North America, and it was one of the two attempts to replace As the World Turns on CBS, the other was The Talk. Only two pilots are taped on April 8, 2010, at the Bob Barker Studio at CBS Television City.


The gameplay's format is a combination of the 1973-82 and 1990 versions of Match Game itself.


  • After Trival Pursuit: America Plays finished Knight's hosting career, Christopher Knight is hosting another national attempt alongside the Michigan Make Me Rich.
  • At the closing, Rich Fields signed off with "This is Rich Fields speaking for Match Game 2010, a FremantleMedia Production!".
  • However, Match Game 2010 does not bear the Mark Goodson Productions name, logo, or announcement, instead, it bears the FremantleMedia name, logo, and announcement.
  • The announcer on Match Game 2010 pilot, Jeff Davis also did sub-announcing work on The Price is Right.
  • The pilot is directed by The Price is Right director Rich DiPirro.
  • The Price is Right executive producers Mike Richards and Tracy Verna serve as executive producers of the pilot.
  • Price producer Adam Sandler handled the production duties on the pilot.
  • The theme tune is obviously the same Match Game theme as the 1973-82 CBS/Syndicated and the 2016 ABC versions.
  • Star Wheel is the bonus round of the pilot.