Marilyn Dorothy Madison is one of the main characters in The Sweet Treets franchise, who has been voiced by Opaline Robins throughout the show’s entire run. She has arguably the most character development out of all of the characters on the show.


Marilyn has dark brown hair, two moles on her face and brown eyes.

Like the other human characters on the show, Marilyn is depicted wearing a different outfit and with a different hairstyle based on the era and episode of the show:

  • In the 1984 cartoon, Marilyn is depicted wearing a crimson cap, a cyan vest, red skinny jeans and white trainers with a black pattern.
  • In The New Adventures of The Sweet Treets, Marilyn is seen wearing an orange fleece with a black-white stripy top underneath, blue jeans and the same trainers she wears in her first outfit. Marilyn has her hair in a ponytail with this look.
  • In All New! The Sweet Treets, Marilyn is depicted wearing a baish cardigan with a white vest underneath, lightgrey shorts and white trainers. In this outfit, Marilyn has her hair in a bobble.


Marilyn is a grumpy pessimist, who is hardly ever seen smiling. She virtually never has anything good to say, and always sees the negative side of things. She is also seen looking at the ground or up in the sky a lot. The few times she is actually seen smiling are when she is alone with one or two people she really cares for.

Marilyn has trouble with non-family relationships due to the fact she finds most of her friends annoying. She claims that she never wants to be in a romantic relationship, but some of her body language in certain episodes suggest otherwise.

Hobbies and interests


Louise Lockridge

Louise and Marilyn have always been good friends on the show. Louise also shows a lot of interest in hanging out with Marilyn, and is always the person who she asks to have friendly competition with.

Despite Louise’s interest, Marilyn often finds Louise annoying, and is usually not interested in taking part in her schemes. Often times, Marilyn follows Louise’s requests solely so she can stop bothering her.

Hugh Halls

During the first series of The New Adventures of The Sweet Treets, when Hugh started hanging out with Louise and her friends, Marilyn saw him as a pointless addition, and found him to be boring and silly. Hugh seemed to find Marilyn as a grumpy loner, and would often make fun of her. However, he never did this in a way to attack her, and his goal was to simply make her laugh.

From the second series of TNAOTST, however, Marilyn began to start liking Hugh, and from this point onward, the two have been best friends. Hugh is generally the only person who Marilyn tells secrets and speaks her mind to, and she is nowhere near as negative or impatient with him as with her other friends. Hugh seems to have a crush on Marilyn, though she is not even interested, and even makes it clear she hates romance.

Nate Nicholson

Although Nate is a good friend to Marilyn, and Marilyn has a lot of respect for Nate, she often finds him irritating. She also isn’t very keen on his ”girly” behaviour. Nate puts a lot of effort in trying to make Marilyn smile, and although Marilyn enjoys his company when he does so, she doesn’t talk her mind to him the way she does with Hugh. Marilyn often goes to Nate if she believes that Louise is acting strange or up to no good.

Anthem Rivers

Marilyn considers Anthem her worst enemy, and it is very obvious that the two are enemies. Anthem continuously teases and ridicules Marilyn, since she considers her to be a superior person to Marilyn. The two dislike each other so much, that whenever a one-off villian appears, Anthem will side with them just to antagonise Marilyn.


Marilyn has a very strong respect for Swoop, and likes to get advice off of him. The two share similar personality traits, such as how they are both often grumpy and dislike romance. Swoop also sees Marilyn as a good friend who is fun to laugh with, mainly about stuff about romance.

King Rojo

Marilyn does not fear King Rojo or his evil plans, and only sees him as an annoying waste of time. Rojo sometimes puts more effort in trying to scare Marilyn than the others, whilst other times he puts no effort in trying to scare her. However, the two do occasionally help each other if they share a dangerous threat.




Marilyn is a fan favourite when it comes to characters in The Sweet Treets universe due to her large character development, quotable lines and ambiguous lifestyle. In a poll in 2008 asking the public’s "Favourite Sweet Treet character", Marilyn was ranked at number one.

LGBT campaign

In 2014, when it was confirmed that The Sweet Treets would be revived the following year, many fans requested Marilyn to come out as a lesbian.

Several fans of the show believe that some pre-released scenes from Marilyn's spinoff film hint that Marilyn might have a crush on Anthem, especially with the line "I hate her... but do I like her?"