Marilyn is a Jetanie-Puerto Changuese 2018 spin-off traditionally animated drama film based on The Sweet Treets franchise. This film, however, stars Marilyn Madison in the lead role rather than Louise Lockridge. The film is being produced by both Colourbox and Figgelmünch Film Animation, and was released on 5th October, 2018. Like Swoop: The Movie, it will be released direct-to-video in the United States.


Marilyn Madison is having trouble with everything recently - arguing with her stepfather, falling out with her friends and having trouble with identifying her sexual orientation. Marilyn, however, is strangely getting advice from an alien-like creature who goes by the name of Mythos. Marilyn doesn’t know who this creature is, so she is just going to accept his aid for now whilst she learns more about him, especially since Anthem Rivers seems to know about him too.



Development & Production

The film serves as the pilot for a possible upcoming series in the Sweet Treets franchise co-produced by Colourbox and Figgelmünch Film Animation. Producers from both companies have stated that the show's working title is "Sweet Treets 360°", and there is the possibility of the Marilynanthem ship being in the series. The two studios also plan on giving the Treets speaking roles, marking the first time a Treet has spoken since Storytime with the Treets.


The film was released theatrically in Jetania and Kuboia on 5th October 2018 by H.E.X. Productions. In Puerto Chango, it will be released on 16th October 2018 by Orion Pictures, and will be released direct-to-video in the United States by Lionsgate on 25th October 2018.

The Canadian English dub will premiere as a television film on YTV in Canada on 9th October 2018.