Marilyn is a Jetanie-Puerto Changuese 2018 spin-off traditionally animated drama film based on The Sweet Treets franchise. This film, however, stars Marilyn Madison in the lead role rather than Louise Lockridge. The film is being produced by both Colourbox and Figgelmünch Film Animation, and will be released on 5th October, 2018. Like Swoop: The Movie, it will be released direct-to-video in the United States.


Marilyn Madison is having trouble with everything recently - arguing with her stepfather, falling out with her friends and having trouble with identifying her sexual orientation. Marilyn, however, is strangely getting advice from an alien-like creature who goes by the name of Mythos. Marilyn doesn’t know who this creature is, so she is just going to accept his aid for now whilst she learns more about him, especially since Anthem Rivers seems to know about him too.


The film begins with Marilyn spending time with her best friends - Hugh, Louise, Nate and Swoop, on an evening day which appears to be Hugh’s birthday (as Marilyn gives him a present). When she arrives back home, Marilyn is given into trouble by her stepfather, Rod, for staying out too late. Feeling threatened by her stepdad, Marilyn storms out of her house, and refuses to tell anybody where she is going.

After running away from her house, Marilyn starts roaming around a shopping centre, which gets attacked by a group of men in black, partially dirty, outfits. Whilst fleeing, a alien-like eye creature, called Mythos, helps Marilyn escape. The two are eventually caught by the police, and Marilyn is returned to her mother, Robyn, who has revealed to her that she and Rod have ended their relationship.

After returning to school, Marilyn begins sneaking Mythos in with her, who assists her in her work. Marilyn begins to rely almost completely in Mythos because of this, and starts spending time with him over her friends. Eventually at one point, Anthem, Marilyn’s worst enemy, sneaks into her rucksack and exposes Mythos to the whole class. Feeling threatened, Mythos starts attacking the class, including Louise, Nate and Hugh, who get upset after she helps him escape.

Eventually, Marilyn starts getting into trouble from the police after she starts doing favours for Mythos, which include stealing items from shops, destroying school property and spraying graffiti. After receiving her final warning, the police attempt to arrest Marilyn, but with the help of Mythos, she manages to run away again. Once she runs away, however, a reward goes around the town for whoever can bring Marilyn back to her mother. After hearing about this, King Rojo decides that he wants to get involved, and gets his henchmen Stumpy and Bumper to start looking for Marilyn.

Eventually, Stumpy and Bumper track Marilyn and Mythos down. After the Rogons take the two to Rojo, he begins to feel sorry for Marilyn, and allows her to stay with him, keeping her away from public eye. Meanwhile, after discovering that he and Marilyn have fallen out, Anthem manages to convince Hugh to start dating her. As time goes on, however, he, alongside Louise, Nate, Katie and Swoop, begin to realise that Marilyn has indeed gone missing, and begin to seriously miss her.

When spending time in Rogon Castle, Marilyn and Bumper start talking about the LGBT community, with Bumper revealing to Marilyn that he believes he is gay (which Bingo laughs at). Marilyn then admits that she has had trouble with her sexual orientation her whole life, but is too scared to come out as part of the LGBT community as she is scared that she will be mocked for doing so. Bumper then takes Marilyn (and Mythos) to a LGBT community centre, where they are caught by Anthem, who threatens to tell the police. After discovering about what Marilyn has had to face the past week, however, Anthem begins to feel sorry for Marilyn. Anthem then admits to Marilyn that she is bisexual, and is willing to date a girl if she found her romantically desirable.

When Marilyn is talking to Anthem, Bumper and Mythos, the centre is attacked by the same men from earlier. Marilyn and Mythos get kidnapped by the bandits, but when one of the members begins to study Marilyn, he recognises her. The man, called George, was an old friend and roommate of her stepfather, Rod, who betrayed George, took everything he had, and left George to become a gang rat. George tries to help Marilyn and Mythos escape, but the three are attacked by the other men. Feeling it is the only way out, Mythos calls forth his leader, Teuvil, to eliminate the creatures. Teuvil, however, believes that Mythos is asking for a deal he sealed to be completed, and creates a flaming meteorite above Earth.

After Marilyn becomes confused by what has just occured, Mythos explains that he was created by Teuvil, was asked to study a random human being, and convince them to help Teuvil destroy Planet Earth. Marilyn becomes furious as she feels that Mythos has taken advantage of her, and tells her to leave her whilst she runs off to sit by a cliff, in the rain. As Marilyn, accompanied by George and Oink (who spends most of the movie appearing and disappearing at random times), contemplates her life in tears, she begins to turn into a human-devil hybrid.

After the hybrid in Marilyn occurs, the Rogon army manage to track the lot down. King Rojo tells Marilyn that he has came across journals by his late grandnephew, Scar. Apparently, Scar was originally the one who was to help Teuvil and Mythos destroy the Earth, but since he is a Rogon, he could not be granted the powers that Marilyn has received. The lot draw to the conclusion that only Marilyn can save the planet from Teuvil. Suddenly, Teuvil appears with Mythos, as do Robyn, Hugh, Anthem, Louise, the Treets, Nate, Katie, Liane and Swoop. Teuvil demands that Marilyn helps him destroy the planet, to which she refuses, so Teuvil leaves her to die with the group. Mythos then apologises to Marilyn for taking advantage of her and agrees to help her defeat Teuvil.

Marilyn, with Mythos, Oink and Swoop, approaches Teuvil at the top of a mountain. A duel draws between Marilyn and Teuvil, who both nearly get killed when the meteorite nearly hits them, so Teuvil freezes the meteorite in place for the time being. After the fight continues, Marilyn realises that she cannot truly injure Teuvil. After researching Scar’s journal again, Rojo discovers that Teuvil can only be destroyed by his own doings. When Marilyn discovers about this, she plays mind games with Teuvil, and eventually manages to knock him into the meteorite, destroying both him and the meteorite in the process.

With Teuvil gone, Marilyn returns to her normal state, becomes friends with Hugh and company again and has a ceremony dedicated to her for saving Earth. After the ceremony, Rod is sent to prison, Mythos becomes Marilyn’s sidekick and assistance and Marilyn decides to keep her rivalry with Anthem (who she seems to now have a crush on) for amusement purposes. The film ends with Marilyn and Anthem walking into the sunset.


Development & Production

The film serves as the pilot for a possible upcoming series in the Sweet Treets franchise co-produced by Colourbox and Figgelmünch Film Animation. Producers from both companies have stated that the show's working title is "Sweet Treets 360°", and there is the possibility of the Marilynanthem ship being in the series. The two studios also plan on giving the Treets speaking roles, marking the first time a Treet has spoken since Storytime with the Treets.


The film will be released theatrically in Jetania and Kuboia on 5th October 2018 by H.E.X. Productions. In Puerto Chango, it will be released on 16th October 2018 by Orion Pictures, and will be released direct-to-video in the United States by Lionsgate on 25th October 2018.

The Canadian English dub will premiere as a television film on YTV in Canada on 9th October 2018.