Magic Vari is an El Kadsreian-Japanese magical girl anime series created by Sarah McKieln. The anime made its debut on ETVKK on 7th March 2016. While The series is mainly aimed at preteens and teenage girls, it does have its humor for an older audience.

Plot Edit

At Lichtergarten they are the "Magic-Vari-warriors", who were selected from the Varen-crystal by birth and are given their powers at a later age. Vari warriors can only be female.

In Lardian the guards are elected by the inhabitants. They get magical swords and spells to protect the land. Such wizards may only be men.

The inhabitants of Kansee renounce the help of the people and form their children themselves as guardians.

Format Edit

Magic Vari uses anime animation, with every episode lasting around 22 minutes. Each episode takes approximately 70 days (generally 2 1/2 months) to animate, followed by around 30 minutes of recording.

Lists Edit

International broadcasting Edit

Australia Edit

  • ABC Me

Azara Edit

  • Azarus Television Network

Bangladesh Edit

  • ATN Bangla

Barokia Edit

  • Jang TV

Brazil Edit

  • Rede Globo

Cubentonia Edit

Canada Edit

  • YTV

El Kadsre Edit


Piramca Edit

  • Nickelodeon

Harmonia Edit

India Edit

  • Hungama TV

Japan Edit

  • Kids Station

Mahri Edit

  • 2k

Navajia Edit

  • NBS Kids (Navajo)
  • NBS English (English)

Nelbecia Edit

  • NBC Kids

New Zealand Edit

  • TVNZ 2

North El Kadsre Edit

  • EYE TV1

North Esperantia Edit

  • CSRTDNE Kids (Esperanto)
  • Magica Network (English)

Oasina Edit

Seketan Edit

  • SBC Kids

Sentan Edit

  • STN1

South Africa Edit

  • SABC 2

United El Kadsreian Nations Edit

  • Disney Channel

United Kingdom Edit

  • POP

United States Edit

Vertinelia Edit

Vicnora Edit

  • Ch 2

YinYangia Edit

  • Disney XD (English)
  • YYInc TV3 (Filipino/Tagalog)
  • XCT Toonz4Kidz (Chinese)
  • TV Asahi YinYangia (Japanese)