The El Kadsreian version of MTV was launched in 1992 (actually launched in 1975 as The Music Channel) and it was owned and operated by Interstellar (1975-1986), then El TV Kadsre (1986-1992) then Viacom (1992-present).

History Edit

MTV originally was a music block on RGN Network from 1989 to 1992.

On March 10, 1992, at 8:30 am, MTV was launched in El Kadsreian pay TV, replacing Rage TV. It was also appointed that El TV Kadsre passed the channel to Viacom before rebranding the channel from Rage TV to MTV. MTV became famous for its VJs who came from all over El Kadsre (plus Michael Monza, a Canadian), who used to introduce videos and programs round the clock in English, Japanese and Spanish.

There is a marked difference in this revival of MTV El Kadsre when contrasted to the old MTV El Kadsre. The older MTV El Kadsre focused on overseas artists, whereas the current MTV El Kadsre focuses on domestic artists. As a result, the channel has drawn criticism from proponents of the older MTV El Kadsre. However, in March 2006 the network drew 6,000,000 viewers, making the channel second to City Music TV and an overall financial success.

In August 2006, MTV El Kadsre was made a complete subsidiary of MTV Networks and again made a complete subsidiary of Viacom International Media Networks on December 1st, 2014. This was to consolidate its activities with other Viacom subsidiaries in El Kadsre, such as Nickelodeon El Kadsre and the FLUX Digital Content Service.

Some of the most popular musical acts such as The Blood Foundation and Rinava have received several awards from this channel and performed numerous times on its awards show.

Programs Edit

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