MTC (Minecraftia Television Central, formerly known as Minecraftia Television Commercial) is a commercial television network based in Minecraftia City, Minecraftia. It is owned and operated by MTC Media Holdings Ltd. It is the first commercial TV channel in Minecraftia, the second being SBS in 1968, KBC in 1981, and TVW in 1989. It is a commercial TV channel like ABC United States, CTV Canada, NTV Japan, ITV United Kingdom, Rede Globo Brazil, GMA 7 Philippines, TF1 France, RGN El Kadsre, Zee TV India, Nine Network Australia, etc.


The network was started under Minecraftia Commercial Broadcasting Act of 1960. It broadcasts local and regional programming, also international for United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, and El Kadsre.

MTC began broadcasting Japanese drama since 1973, and Korean drama since 2000.



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