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Lyra Lover is a Canadian-French-American premier film studio run by Daniel LeDoux. It was originated when Daniel made his first YouTube account. Lyra lover had discontinued projects such as Adventures with Magic, The Something Rarity, and has done successfully on Applejack's Mansion. Most recently, made a couple of films like Thanksgiving. I want to be an Australian and Lyra Valentines 1 & 2. He also did Lyra & Sunset and an unknown dle film, In Development, is The Magic Seal, The Cute Six, Bunsen.exe, and Eleventy Seven Sixteen, which is a romantic Multicam comedy-drama. It also has a production company which acts as a subsidiary to this film studio.

Currently, all of its productions are common on Starlight Network Canada and it's eponymous pay-for-TV channel, Lyra Lover.

It's also responsible for the long-running Daniel's Adventures in Ponyville which airs on True4U under the JFT Branding

On March 26th, It was acquired by W7 Entertainment to commemorate their 40th anniversary.