For the singer, see Louise Lockridge (singer).

Louise "Tilly" Lockridge is the main protagonist of The Sweet Treets franchise. Voiced by Sharlie Deem throughout the show’s entire run, Louise is a 9-11 (depending on the show) year old student who resides in Jetania (in some dubs this is changed to the country it is being broadcast in).


Louise has long brown hair, a couple of freckles on her face and green eyes.

Like the other human characters on the show, Louise is depicted wearing a different outfit based on the era and episode of the show:

  • In the original Sweet Treets cartoon from 1984, Louise is seen wearing a white T-shirt with a white miniskirt and white trainers. She also wears a white cap, which she is usually only seen without when sleeping.
  • In The New Adventures of The Sweet Treets, Louise is depicted wearing a magenta cardigan with a pink top underneath, a denim miniskirt with black tights, and black knee high boots. This is notably her only regular outfit in which she is seen without any headwear.
  • In All New! The Sweet Treets, Louise is generally seen wearing a magenta cap, a light pink vest, a pink miniskirt and magneta knee high boots. Like in her first outfit, she is usually only seen without her cap when sleeping.


Louise suffers from asperger's syndrome, which she was diagnosed with at the age of four.

As a character, Louise is shown to be very impulsive, insensitive and mischievous. She is willing to disobey rules in order to get what she wants, and almost always puts herself first. She also doesn’t know when to stop talking, and when something could easily upset somebody. She doesn’t enjoy getting help from other people, and generally only does stuff her way, often expecting her friends and companions to do the same. Because of this, Louise can come off as bossy, arrogant and egotistical. Louise also usually doesn’t take things seriously, and is always making jokes at inappropriate times. However, she does not mean any of this - she just finds communicating with others difficult. She is not good at physical contact either - when talking to other people, she hardly looks at them and usually has her hands in her pockets.

Louise is also very attention-seeking, and usually only does good deeds if she thinks she will benefit from it. She does not like others getting more attention of her, regardless of who they are. She usually makes jokes and references to popular culture, as she believes that makes her funny. Louise has a lifelong goal, in being seen as a heroine and saviour, and is committed to her goal - if she believes she is in the wrong (which is very rare), she will change her actions and attitude.

Due to her attention-seeking, impulsive and chaotic behaviour, there is frequent debateon in the media if Louise should be considered an Anti-Hero.

Other traits

  • Louise is often seen picking her nose and eating her bogeys. Usually when nobody is looking, however. She doesn’t seem to care much about germs either - often shaking hands after picking her nose or sneezing.
  • Despite the above, she cares a lot for her looks. She refuses to leave her house without having a bath, and only a bath, not a shower.
  • Whenever she finds something microscopic on the ground, she generally eats it.

Hobbies and interests

Louise is obsessed with unhealthy food - her average lunch and/or supper is usually at least two of the following - burgers, pizza, hotdogs and chips, all of which she has with cheese and ketchup. She also eats a lot of chocolate and crisps, and is hardly seen drinking anything other than fizzy drinks or flavoured milk. It should be noted, however, that she does a significant amount of exercise (albeit indirectly), and will have water, fruit and vegetables at certain times.

In The New Adventures of The Sweet Treets, Louise is revealed to be a fan of Will Smith. In All New! The Sweet Treets, she also appears to be a big fan of Eminem, and has apparently listened to every single song he has ever made. Further episodes reveal her interest for the likes of Jay Z, T.I., Nas and Wiley.

Louise also enjoys playing video games, watching TV and going to the cinema (though she seems more interested in eating her popcorn than actually watching the film).



The only person Louise lives with is her mother, Liane Lockridge. Liane has a bad habit of spoiling her daughter to ridiculous levels - even if it causes her to get tired and stressed out, Liane will still continuously take orders from Louise. Louise herself appears to be aware of this, and for the sake of her mother, tries to avoid abusing her powers. However, if Louise is excited or upset, she will occasionally forget about the fact that her mother has feelings. Louise and her mother do a lot together, such as play video games, go to an arcade, or go out for food. The two even occasionally skive just to do things with each other. It is very clear that Louise and Liane care a lot for each other, despite Louise occasionally forgetting about her mother’s feelings.

Louise’s relationship with her father, Zedd, is a different story, however. Due to his extreme selflessness, Louise is not too fond of her father. His presence is usually the only time where Louise drops her carefree attitude, where she usually complains about his attitude. Despite this, she is willing to give him continous chances. It should be noted that Zedd is the only one of Louise’s family members who refers to her by her nickname, Tilly.

Louise cares a lot for her little half-brother, Tyh, even though she hardly gets to see him. She frequently treats him like a baby, usually carrying him everywhere and feeding him. Tyh is also the only one (aside from occasionally Nate) who Louise actually puts before herself. She is also on good terms with her step-mother, Martine, who she often listens to and copies traits from too much. Martine and Tyh are also the ones who Louise tells her problems to when her mother is not present.

Louise has mentioned that she has no family outside of her parents, brother and step-mother, as it has been confirmed that all of her grandparents are dead and it is strongly possible that both of her parents are only-children.

The Treets

Despite being the owner of The Treets, Louise supposedly doesn’t care for them that much, and only keeps them for the sake of having companions. She praticularly dislikes Floaty and Kinky. She enjoys Pinky’s company the most due to its adventurous and fun personality.

Although Louise doesn’t truly like her Treets, they have spared her on a large amount of occasions. She is also shown to really care for them after all when she thinks they are gone or upset.

Nate Nicholson

Nate is Louise’s best friend, and because of this, the two are seen doing a lot together. It is very clear that Louise enjoys Nate’s company, as the two are seen holding hands, linking arms, hugging and giggling with each other a lot. Nate is also one of the very few people who Louise actually occasionally puts before herself. Louise is even willing to do activities with Nate which he likes... and she finds boring.

Despite the two being close to each other, Louise does occasionally find Nate annoying, especially when he nags her and thinks that he knows what’s right and wrong. Nate is also very good at identifying if Louise is lying to him, since he knows her really well as a person. The two fall out on occasions, though these arguments always end with Nate crying back to Louise.

Starting in The New Adventures of The Sweet Treets, it is likely that Louise has a crush on Nate, as she is sometimes seen playing with her hair whilst with Nate, and when talking to him, often has her hands in her pockets with her head facing away from him. Louise also has zero tolerance for Anthem Rivers flirty nature towards him. Nate also seem to have feelings for Louise, as he occasionally stutters and gets very nervous when talking to her. Despite all of this, Louise denies any affection towards him. It is possible that the two love each other, but are too scared for anybody to know.

Marilyn Madison

Marilyn is one of Louise’s good friends, and Louise shows a lot of faith and enthusiasm in being friends with Marilyn - she is always the one who she offers friendly competition with, and is usually the one who she tells secrets to. Louise also puts a lot of faith in Marilyn’s help when they have a threat approaching them.

Marilyn, however, is usually not interested in Louise’s shenanigans, which she finds ridiculous and a waste of time. Marilyn often just helps Louise with her problems and does her favours just so she can stop annoying her. Marilyn, however, will approach Louise when it is important, and even admits that having Louise as a friend makes life fun and interesting.

Hugh Halls

Hugh is Louise’s only friend who is not always serious. Because of this, Hugh is often the one who backs Louise up when she gets up to nuisance or starts annoying others. He is also the one who Louise also laughs with when something amuses them.


Swoop was originally a threat towards Louise, especially since he was generally her only true threat at the time of his introduction. Swoop would generally tease Louise when he encountered her, before attempting to attack her. Because of this, Swoop was, at first, an enemy for Louise, who she was frightened of.

Swoop’s attitude towards Louise changed completely, however, in the episode "The Good Bird", after he realised that being evil is not the way to go, and ultimately helps Louise and the Treets to defeat Magfire. Ever since then, Swoop has been a loyal friend towards Louise, and is always very supportive towards her. In fact, when Louise falls out with her human friends, Swoop stays by her side. However, like Marilyn, she does occasionally get on his nerves, and sometimes shouts at her, though this is not personal, as it is just in Swoop’s nature to get aggressive when he is angry.


Even though he gets in the way of her goals frequently, Louise seems to have a liking for Oink and makes sure he is safe, occasionally carrying him about the place. Louise, however, occasionally bosses Oink about as well. It seems that Louise has found a way to exploit Oink’s respect for her.

King Rojo

Although King Rojo is supposed to be the series’ main antagonist, Louise has much more of a frenemy relationship with the Rogon king. Louise has a significant amount of respect for the king, and is willing to help him with his troubles without any hesitation. However, Rojo does occasionally antagonise Louise, and sometimes performs certain actions solely to annoy her.


Louise seems to find Gunge funny, and doesn’t seem to be bothered about his pranks.


Louise is not very fond of Bingo, though it is probably only because she sees him as dangerous competition when it comes to popularity. She seems to be unaware of Bingo’s admiration for her.

Anthem Rivers

Louise generally dislikes Anthem Rivers as a person, though for different reasons than everybody else. Louise sees Anthem as a threat, who tries to interfere with her and Nate’s relationship. Anthem also seems to be incredibly jealous of Louise when she gets attention. Anthem is very good at tricking Louise as well, which Louise generally has trouble noticing. However, Louise is happy to work together with Anthem if they face a similar threat.





  • Louise is the only character to appear in every single episode of all of the franchise’s installments, not including Storytime with the Treets.
    • Because of this, she is also the only character to have at least one line in every episode.
  • Louise has never cried in any of the episodes in the series’ 30+ year lifespan.