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This is a complete list of video games that have been banned in El Kadsre by the El Kadsre Film and Game Rating Board. Several things can cause games to get this rating if it conflicts with local laws or if it has been linked to controversy in any way. It is illegal to distribute and/or sell these games in El Kadsre but is still legal to own a copy.

Games that have been previously banned can be unbanned upon an appeals process if they change or remove the offending content. In rare cases, appeals can end up getting an X-rating label depending on the content. Many developers, including Rockstar, Activision, and id Software, have ended up having titles banned from being released in El Kadsre. Several major developers, including Drillimation Studios and many other family-friendly developers, never aim for these ratings; however, some titles ended up being banned temporarily due to recalls if a glitch or other hidden content was found.

Ban listEdit

Game Developer(s) Publisher(s) Platform(s) Released Original rating Current rating
Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom Drillimation Studios
Team Shanghai Alice
Namco Arcade, SNES, Genesis, PC August 1993 E2009
Recalled after one of El TV Kadsre's staff encountered Yukari Yakumo's spell card Bewitching Butterfly Living in the Zen Temple, which depicted a swastika. El TV Kadsre staff told Drillimation that this was inappropriate for a child-friendly game.
Killer Minecraft: Immaterial and Missing Power Drillimation Studios Namco Arcade, PS1, SNES, Genesis, PC December 1994 M2009
Recalled due to a glitch found in-game with Kagami. EK stopped allowing used of the game while an update had to be issued to correct it.
Touhou 12: Undefined Fantastic Object Drillimation Studios
Team Shanghai Alice
Namco Arcade, PS1, N64, Dreamcast, PC August 1999 E2009
Recalled due to a glitch in the N64 and PC versions where the game would randomly crash whenever hitting 1 million points.

This was caused due to issues with RAM, and since Drillimation could not fix the issue, they decided to have the RAM Expansion Pak packaged with the N64 version.

Conker's Bad Fur Day Rareware Nintendo N64 March 2001 B2009 Appeal rejected
Banned due to animal cruelty, sexual themes, and drug abuse.
Manhunt Rockstar PS2, Xbox, PC 2003 B2009 Appeal rejected
Banned due to extreme violence and gore, and was most likely banned due to fears of reenactments by El Kadsreian citizens, and most likely due to fears of shootings occurring at retail stores.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rockstar PC, PS2, Xbox 2004 R182009
Banned due to the Hot Coffee mod, after realizing the game could be modified to find it.
Lula 3D Unknown CDV Software Entertainment PC 2005 X2009 B2009
Banned due to overly negative reviews and its pornographic content.
Yandere Simulator YandereDev tinyBuild Games PC 2014 B2009
The game's over-the-top extreme violence, especially in a school setting, has ignited anger among teachers and staff in El Kadsreian schools. Parents were afraid that school shootings like this would occur if their kids did so. Yandere Simulator also sparked controversy after the game allegedly inspired a teenager to commit a murder.
Hatred Destructive Creations PC 2015 B2009 Appeal rejected
Was banned and could not get a rating due to extreme violence and gore, as well as the promotion of terrorism and neo-Nazi beliefs.


  • All eroge visual novels are banned in El Kadsre. Games with an all ages version are not.