This is a list of things banned in the Island of Sally. It is illegal to purchase/borrow/distribute certain products that banned but still legal to own one.

Ban list

Name Date of ban Type Reason Lifted
Full dubbing December 31, 1997 Translation method Banned because voiceover translation was more "educational" as viewers could learn other languages. In 2004, the ban was relaxed and full dubbing is allowed as long as you have authorisation. Not yet lifted
Spicy food July 1, 2000 Food type Not yet lifted
Tweenies TV series Banned because the characters' designs "scared children". January 31, 2001
Pokémon Pokéball toy December 29, 2001 American Burger King toy from 1999 Banned because some children suffocated because it could cover both their nose an mouth. Not yet lifted
Xbox December 1, 2002 Video game console Banned because of rumours that the console's hard drive could be used to store pornography. July 22, 2005
Finnish material March 10, 2003 Miscellaneous Banned because of the Finland-Heartlake war from October 31, 2002 until October 3, 2004. July 10, 2017
Men joining the army June 12, 2003 Banned because the Island of Sally wanted to be unlike some other countries which only let men join the army, so they only let women join the army. However, male family members of an army soldier can join, and men who were previously in the army were not kicked out of the army. Not yet lifted
Philips PM544 ? Test card Banned because the test card looked very creepy and their country supports NTSC. ?
Dennō Senshi Porygon September 13, 2003 TV series episode Banned because Japanese and Sallyish children had seizures in 1997 and 2002, respectively due to flashing lights in it. The episode was cut off halfway through during a broadcast on SBC2, with a still frame of the SBC2 "Pokémon" ident shortly following it. A short recap was provided of the episode. Not yet lifted
Poison ivy storage October 2, 2003 Plant Banned due to the Sallyish government deciding that it wasn't safe for scientists to store poison ivy in their labs due to its rash. Not yet lifted
Totally Spies! October 16, 2006 TV series Banned due to spies being forbidden from use in the media, with the exception of news and investigation. May 8, 2008
The Nutshack December 4, 2006 Banned due to its inappropriate content. Memes of it are still allowed, but must not be more than 60 seconds long. Not yet lifted
Pokémon December 5, 2006 Media franchise Banned due to an autistic girl falling off a cliff whilst trying to catch Pokémon because she thought they actually existed. The ban was relaxed in June 2007 in which only trading cards were banned. December 5, 2007
Monster Café November 30, 2007 TV series Banned because of complaints about it being too scary when the BBC showed it on CBeebies in the UK. Not yet lifted
Razzledazzle December 12, 2008 Banned because its focus on sound upset parents of deaf children. Not yet lifted
Horrid Henry July 13, 2009 Banned because "Burrito" was superimposed over the title card during a Jetix airing of it on the same day as the ban and also because some of the characters were a bad influence for children. December 31, 2016
Femme Fatale 2011 Britney Spears album Banned because it might make it difficult to report an actual femme fatale. Spears' record label released an EP with the album's singles, “Hold it Against Me”, “Till the World Ends”, “I Wanna Go” and “Criminal” on it.
L is for Love 2017 TV series episode This episode of The Loud House was banned from DTT due to the reveal that Luna Loud is bisexual, which is not appropriate for sensitive people. In some regions where Disney Channel is on DTT, the Sofia the First episode “The Shy Princess” plays instead. It continues to air on Nickelodeon, as Nickelodeon is a premium channel and may air content that is inappropriate for sensitive people. Its Sallyish name is “Luna rav Bisexùal” (“Luna is Bisexual”) so parents know that this contains content that is inappropriate for sensitive people.
Object Redundancy 2015 Object show Banned bue to Body Pillow's original design having an anime girl on it.