This is a list of all of the video games, TV shows, movies, objects, books and drugs that are banned by the Government of El Kadsre. Though it is illegal to sell or distribute movies, video games or books that are banned in El Kadsre but it is still legal to own a copy.

Video games, movies or books have been previously banned can be unbanned upon an appeals process if they change or remove the offending content.

Offenses vary from a 12-hour jail sentence to a 5-year jail sentence for the most severe ban offenses.

Ban list Edit

Name Date of ban Type Reason and/or notes Lifted
The Seven Lady Godivas November 26th, 1939 Book The first ban ever in El Kadsre, at the time El Kadsre doesn't exist and Sentan occupies El Kadsre's land. It was banned due to the main characters being naked women.
Thalidomide December 31, 1969 Drug The first ban after the establishment of the Vlokozu Union. The drug was banned due to its effects.
Atheism July 8, 1970 Ideology Banned due to laws against disbelief in religion.
The Clockwork Orange January 13, 1972 Movie Banned due to its extreme depictions of violence and rape. After the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, the ban was lifted. May 2, 1972
Pink Flamingos 1972 Movie Banned due to explicit sexual content. After the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, the ban was lifted. 1974
Vase de Noces November 30, 1975 Movie Banned because of obscenity and graphic depictions of bestiality and other content that is offensive and abhorrent.
"10" 1979 Movie Banned due to use of nudity shown in the feature.
"Abracadabra" 1982 Song Banned due to sexual references. After the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, the ban was lifted. 1982
Cannibal Holocaust September 28, 1983 Movie Banned due to explicit gore/gruesome scenes. The ban was lifted in 1986 after EKFGR introduced the R20 rating. The cut version is rated R18 while the uncut is rated R20.
"Money for Nothing" 1985 Song Banned from radio broadcast for the use of the word "faggot". After the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, the ban was lifted. 1985
Typical Life in the Vlokozu Union January 2, 1987 Short film While the film was finished 7 days before the ban and it was the Vlokozu Union, it was banned due to depiction of drugs. The ban is lifted in 1988 thanks to the negative depiction of drugs.
Sega Mega Drive "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" commercial 1990 TV commercial Pulled from broadcast after a copyright infringement claim from Nintendo of El Kadsre. 1991
Action 52 1991 Video game Initially recalled due to the game damaging NES systems, but the rom can be downloaded and played without problem.
Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom 1993 Video game Recalled after one of El TV Kadsre's staff encountered Yukari Yakumo's spell card Bewitching Butterfly Living in the Zen Temple, which depicted a swastika. El TV Kadsre staff told Drillimation that this was inappropriate for a child-friendly game. 1996
Killer Minecraft: Immaterial and Missing Power 1994 Video game Recalled due to a glitch found in-game with Kagami. EK stopped allowing used of the game while an update had to be issued to correct it. 2002
Dennō Senshi Porygon December 16, 1997 TV series episode Banned because of it causing seizures to more than 600 children in Japan. The episode was never aired in El Kadsre.
To Heart 1998 Video game While it was the first Drillimation game to be developed by Rareware, it was banned because the main goal of the game was the main character, Hiroyuki, had to lose his virginity and has seven days to do it. It was implied that Hiroyuki could have sex with a high school student (the screen blacks out during sexual acts, although moaning sounds can be heard). The game was heavily censored in the United States so it can receive the Teen rating from the ESRB. The ban was lifted after Rareware was purchased by Microsoft in 2002 and received an Xbox release. 2003
Touhou 12: Undefined Fantastic Object 1999 Video game Recalled due to a glitch in the N64 and PC versions where the game would randomly crash whenever hitting 1 million points.

This was caused due to issues with RAM, and since Drillimation could not fix the issue, they decided to have the RAM Expansion Pak packaged with the N64 version.

Conker's Bad Fur Day October 2001 Video game Banned due to its "over-the-top" and "lewd" humor, especially for a family-friendly console.
Puni Puni Poemy December 2001 Anime OVA Banned because the censor board felt that it promoted the exploitation of children or young persons for sexual purposes, extreme violence and extreme cruelty.
Cocaine December 31, 2002 Drug Banned in order to control the 5% portion of El Kadsre's population which was OD'd of cocaine (from total 10% of cocaine addicts, mainly in the English-speaking world of El Kadsre).
Manhunt June 2004 Video game Banned due to extreme violence and gore, and was most likely banned due to fears of re-enactments by El Kadsreian citizens, and most likely due to fears of shootings occurring at retail stores.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2004 Video game Banned due to the Hot Coffee mod, after realizing the game could be modified to find it. The game was reissued with the Hot Coffee mod completely removed and the ban was lifted. 2005
Blaupunkt bunny commercial July 1, 2005 TV commercial This relates to a commercial with two stuffed animals having sex, which appeared on DVDs in El Kadsre after it was banned on television. After it aired from June 15 to July 1, 2005 on El Kadsreian television, it got numerous complaints regarding sex and zoophilia. For the last time, it aired on July 1, 2005, at 11:54 pm on Viva, and after that it was banned. 
Totally Spies! 2005 TV series Banned for sexual undertones. After Hadyn Tennison became Prime Minister, the ban was lifted. 2007
Lula3D 2005 Video game Banned due to overly negative reviews and its pornographic content. After Hadyn Tennison became Prime Minister, the ban was lifted. 2008
The Boondocks July 6, 2008 TV series Banned for being racist to non-African-American audiences. After Hadyn Tennison became Prime Minister, the ban was lifted. 2009
Root canal January 7, 2010 Dentist procedure Banned for being too painful to children.
Subtitling January 23, 2010 Type of translation The use of subtitles to translate non-English children's programming is banned in El Kadsre. November 2010
Haruhi Suzumiya May 10, 2010 Media franchise The animes of the franchise are banned from daytime broadcast in El Kadsre for being too confusing towards children.
A Serbian Film 2010 Movie Banned due to use graphic depictions of rape, necrophilia and child sexual abuse.
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) August 23, 2012 Movie Banned due to "Offensive" depictions of violence and high impact cruelty. The censored version of the film is allowed and it was rated R18 while the uncut version is banned in the country.
Nymphomanic 2013 Movie Banned because of a lot of sexual humor.
Yandere Simulator 2014 Video game Banned due to the game's over-the-top extreme violence, especially in a school setting, has ignited anger among teachers and staff in El Kadsreian schools. Parents were afraid that school shootings like this would occur if their kids did so. Yandere Simulator also sparked controversy after the game allegedly inspired a teenager to commit a murder.
(Un)Happy Camper! August 3, 2015 TV series episode Banned due to an inappropriate exposure of a woman.
Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot August 25, 2015 Children's book The cause of the ban was not revealed by the El Kadsreian government, but people believe it had to do with the gay couple of the character Harold Hutchins and his husband. 2 weeks after the book was banned, all other books were recalled from libraries due to their strong toilet humor. Public protest and a petition against the bans got them overturned, and the books were eventually re-released (and The Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot was released) with warnings for parents on their covers.
Why all El Kadsreians are mad? September 1, 2015 Documentary A forty-five minute documentary related to the anti-child abuse campaign made by the El Kadsreian government in 2011. It was said to be the best documentary ever created in EK, but it was banned due to gross violence scenes. The cause of the ban was not made by the El Kadsreian government, but despite that, the flagship channel of the national broadcaster El TV Kadsre 2 aired the documentary a day later. Viewing this documentary outside El Kadsre.
Mobile phone September 1, 2015 Portable item Only banned in schools. All mobile phones are banned in all El Kadsreian primary schools, except for El Kadsreian high schools, universities and students who wish to use the mobile phone with silent mode on, and to keep it out of sight from students and teachers. Currently, only teachers and the principal, are allowed to use a mobile phone in an El Kadsre school at all times. The reason for this was for security reasons, to avoid noise and to avoid theft.
Hatred 2015 Video game Was banned and could not get a rating due to extreme violence and gore, as well as the promotion of terrorism and neo-Nazi beliefs.
Boku no Pico 2015 Anime Banned because of a lot of sexual content.
Proxy March 14, 2016 Internet item Only banned in primary schools, it was banned because students were using them to bypass school web filters, mainly to use social networking websites and accessing blacklisted websites at school.
All songs by Jacob Sartorius 2016 Songs Banned to prevent bullying and mass hatred.
"Painbow" 2016 TV series episode This episode of The Powerpuff Girls Reboot was skipped over by Cartoon Network due to the sexual references.
"L Is For Love" 2017 TV series episode This episode of The Loud House was skipped over by ETVKK due to the reveal that Luna Loud is bisexual. However, due to angry fan response, it is now aired frequently, albeit with a special disclaimer that the content is above the usual level for something allowed on ETVKK. The ban was lifted. 2017
"Jungle Cruise" 2017 Anime episode This episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex was temporarily banned from broadcast due to it's graphic content (particularly, a serial killer who skins his victims alive and plugs his eyes into them so they can watch themselves being killed). The ban was lifted after widespread ridicule (it was a little too late to get upset over the episode, having first aired in Japan in the early 2000's)
Sprint Corporation 2017 Wireless services, internet provider Services shut down in El Kadsre for promoting comparative advertising. Paul Marcarelli, the actor featured in many of their current adverts, is banned from entering the country. 2017
Tide Pods challenge January 2018 Internet meme Caused a rise in poisonings. Most Alexonia, El Kadsre, Mahri, North El Kadsre, Sentan and Vicnora ISPs filter out all videos and images relating to eating Tide Pods. Responding to the growing number of incidents Google started removing videos featuring the Tide Pods challenge from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and VidSpace.