Here are the largest fictional shopping malls.

Mall Country City Opened Gross leasable area (GLA) Total area Shops Remarks
1 Azara Mall Azara Azara City 1957 Unknown Unknown 925,000 Unknown
2 Piramall Piramca Piramca City 1940 Unknown Unknown 444,000 Unknown
3 Mall of Eruowood Eruowood Eruowood City 1980 Unknown Unknown 365,000 Unknown
4 Northland El Kadsre El Kadsre City 1854 (the Tsukuda market, delmolished in 1975)
1931 (the former El Kadsre City hall, delmolished in 1975)

1953 (original buiding) 1979 (current building)

Unknown Unknown 152,000 Unknown
5 Mall of Americanada Americanada Unknown 1998 Unknown Unknown 145,000 Unknown
6 GM New York & Long Island United States New York City 1980 Unknown Unknown 130,000 Unknown

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