This is a list of country abbreviations.

Country name Abbreviation Notes
Alexonia (fictional) AN
Asmodia (fictional) AA
Atlion (fictional) AB
Azara (fictional) AH
Barokia (fictional) BK 'BK' doesn't stands for Burger King in this one! In the website "", that bk stands for Burger King!
Casavary (fictional) AV
Celdonia (fictional) CE
Charlesland Republic (fictional) RC
Cyrumuland (fictional) YR
El Kadsre (fictional) EK
Eruowood (fictional) ER
Gaugon (fictional) GG
Jetania (fictional) JT
Helvmark (fictional) HV
Kihāmát (fictional) KA
Kittenolivia (fictional) KV
Mahri (fictional) RM
Maurice (fictional) UR
Minecraftia (fictional) MI
Mushroom Kingdom (fictional) KF
Naradi (fictional) ND
North El Kadsre (fictional) NK
North Esperantia (fictional) UE
Piramca (fictional) PI
Sentan (fictional) NN
Shinkitajima (fictional) RK
South Esperantia (fictional) SP
Southern Cross Republic (fictional) CS
Tenriso (fictional) TS
Vicnora (fictional) VO
Vlokozu Union (fictional) VR
YinYangia (fictional) YY
Vertinelia (fictional) VL
Oasina (fictional) OA
Nuclear Islands (fictional continent) NUC
Heartlake (fictional) HL
Island of Sally (fictional) YL
Sea Country Island (fictional) SCI
Amedisa (fictional) DS