Callsign Channel Affiliation(s) Ownership First air date Video Format Notes
KMUT 5 5.1 ABC

5.2 NBC

5.3 CBS

5.4 Fox

5.5 The CW

Muti License LLC 2001 16:9 480i Digital Only Channel.
KMSD 6 6.1 ABC

6.2 NBC

6.3 CBS

6.4 Fox

6.5 The CW

Muti License LLC 2001 4:3 480i Digital Only Channel.

Same As KMUT But In 4:3.

KSC 7 7.1 Independent

7.2 Antenna TV

SGC Broadcasting Corp 1970 16:9


Branded As Sonic Galaxy Central.

Programming From Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, HBO And MyNetworkTV.

First TV Station.

KGLO 8 8.1 Rede Globo Globo Tri Sonic 1980 16:9


Rede Globo From Brazil.
KNIN 9 8.1:



9Stations 1995 16:9


Branded As 9TV.

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