This is a list of episodes of the anime television series Magic Vari.

Season 1

Season 1 will have 11th episodes, airing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for eight weeks, starting on 7th March 2016.

# Episode title Air date
A Magical Beginning
7th March, 2016
A new student came to class 8d: Laura Malta. In the evening, the five girls, Nagisa, Sarah, Katarina; Alisa and Laura, their forces and they became the Warriors: Magic Vari. Together, they watch over a magical world called Lichtergarten and have to fight against the evil.

Featured songs: Have a Nice Music by Plasmagica

Light Garden
9th March 2016
The fairies of the Magic-vari warriors tell about a magical world, the light garden from which they come. However, there is only a single portal in the world, as a connection between Lichtergarten and the human environment. But where could the portal be?

Featured songs: Planet Tokyo by Puffy AmiYumi

Where is Alisa?
11th March 2016
One day Alisa had disappeared. She was just gone. Lili, the fairy of Alisa senses that she is in the dark world. The world, in which one enters only through the gap, which is in Lichtergarten. But when they were there, they had to find Alisa. And immediately afterward, a monster appears.

Featured songs: Hurly Burly by Perfume

The Shadow of Darkmother
14th March 2016
Right after Nagisa runs from her basketball training home she is already attacked by the 2 witches, Eisla and Koruka. For some reason, they knew she was a Väri warrior. But who had given them the task of fighting Nagisa? And the bad thing about it is that Nagisa seems to lose this fight.

Featured songs: Tomoe by

The Five Crystals
16th March 2016
The 5 Vari warriors are sent to the Queen for the Light Garden. There they learn that each of them has a "Vari-Kristal". With this Kristal grow their forces and the chance to defeat Darkmother is bigger. But how do you get such a crystal? On the same day, Alisa disappears, again. But this time Darkmother has nothing to do with it because she is in her "inner world" to find her Kristal.

Featured songs: Atomic by She

Mission: Leisure Park
18th March 2016
One day a leisure park was opened near the market square. Of course, the 5 friends have to take a close look at them and try out everything there is for attractions. But irgentwie is the Gruselkarusell not normal. Whether Darkmother has something to do with it?

Featured songs: Crazy for You by Hedley

The Pendulum of The Past
21st March 2016
Laura finds, after a fight, a chic pendulum to hang around. But this is not an ordinary pendulum: he possesses the ability of persons who carry him to lead their worst past in their sleep while absorbing their vital energy. So it is not surprising that Laura is getting weaker and weaker. Of course, she could just pull the pendulum out, but she does not want to get down from her neck.

And what are the bad memories Laura possesses?

Featured songs: Monsters by AmaLee & VOXEL

A Strange Child
23rd March 2016
Only a few days later, the sporting event is just around the corner. And for that, you have to do a lot of things. And above all train! But lately, everyone does not feel like it. Everyone has no energy left. No comments yet.

In addition, the Queen of Lichtergarten has given the Väri Kreiginnen a mission: they are to bring back their daughter, Mika, who has cut off from Lichtergarten to the human environment. Why is Mika cut off? She seems to be looking for something. But there is a question that confuses all the most. Who is the father when the queen is the mother of Mika?

Featured songs: King by Years & Years

The Father of Segawa
25th March 2016
A big shock for Nagisa and Sarah: After 5 years her father returns home and pretends nothing has happened. Even her mother is not very enthusiastic about his ancestry. But the worst is Sarah, who is no longer the old man. This incident is also the trigger that she is looking for in her "inner world" her crystal.

Featured songs: Cold by Casey Lee Williams

Siblings Love
28th March 2016
Katarina, who is always dressed as a bunch, comes to school one day quite black and depressed. Nagisa is very worried about her best friend and finally finds something about Katarina herraus that she did not think. Shortly after, Katarina suddenly disappears into her "inner world".

Featured songs: Escape by Megan Nicole

Jew Johnes
30th March 2016
Everyone currently owns his Väri-Kristal, except Nagisa. But how could she dive into her inner world? The others came when their terrible memories came back. But how is Nagisa to make himself deprived? After all, she is always so optimistic and when she has a problem she does not just openly deal with it.

During this time she goes to the beach very often, where she always sees an old man staring out at the lake. When he tells her a story about a Väri warrior, Nagisa wants to learn more about him.

Featured songs: Straight Lines by Silverchair