This is a list of characters who appear in Magic Vari.

Main Characters Edit

Nagisa Edit

Nagisa (voiced by Zihan Wang in English version) is the main character of the series. She is a sporty and courageous girl who is on a basketball team, likes to eat and school and everything else that hates. She is also tormented and has a special gift to get rid of herself in all situations.

Sarah Edit

Sarah (voiced by Destiny Eatmon in English version) is very curious about her shyness. She is very intelligent, gets the best marks at school and is in love with a boy named Alex

Katarina Edit

Katarina (voiced by Chelsea Stepowski in English version) is the smallest of all and is full of energy and sometimes quite naughty. Even if she does not like some things so seriously, she is a good friend and when it matters it is always there.

Alisa Edit

Alisa (voiced by Sophia De Leo in English version) is the oldest, largest and the most sensible. She is very mature in character and comes from a rich family.

Laura Edit

Laura (voiced by Ynriko Flores in English version) is more the "glamor girl" and always knows what she is. She is a figure skater and has won several prizes.

Fairies Edit

Nana Edit

Nana (voiced by Bitty Caroline Watterson in English version) eats as much as Nagisa and is stubborn and clumsy. But in contrast to her owner, she does not like sports. Nana and Nagisa often argue, but they really like each other very much.

Rara Edit

Rara (voiced by Kinen Zuwa in English version) is as shy and intelligent as Sarah. However, she is not so curious. But when something is happening, she watches the situation first from a distance before she intervenes.

Riri Edit

Riri (voiced by Lowry Flaschar in English version) radiates energy and likes to behave childishly. Just like Katarina, she likes nonsense.

Lilli Edit

Lili (voiced by Time Sirintrip in English version) is very mature and sensible. You can not make them easy to talk to, but if she likes to do something right, she gives 100%.

Lala Edit

Lala (voiced by Grace Hall in English version) is a bit bitchy and like Laura likes her clothes. She sometimes has a few disagreements with Nana, but that rarely.

Other important characters Edit

Mika Edit

Mika (voiced by Junelle Johnson in English version) is the daughter of the Queen of Lichtergarten. Around her neck, she always wears her necklace, and her light crystal (similar to the Vari crystal) hangs. It can also transform itself and bring magic shields. Your magic is "orange light".

Sam Tiroko Edit

Sam (voiced by Jedidiah Cudby in English version) is a big-headed and sporty boy who is popular with both girls and boys. He knows Nagisa already are they were small and annoyed them constantly.

Alex Sokino Edit

Alex (voiced by Jess Gibsons in English version) into a smart and self-confident boy who has something to hide. He has a cool head in every situation.

Secondary characters Edit

Rio Edit

Rio (voiced by Adam Arama Arbuthnott in English version) lives in Lichtergarten and is half human and half Waldelf. He is a good guide when the Magic-vari-Girls are in trouble and seems to be interested in Alisa.

Chris Edit

Chris (voiced by Sam A. Webster in English version) is a great pianist and the son of a great family business. He is a disciplined, sometimes absent-minded boy who always knows when restraint is required. He can be really stubborn and furious if he wants to protect something. He and Laura get to know each other at a figure skating competition. Laura was the turn, but because of technical difficulties the music could not be played and so Chris had to sit down on the old piano, which was in the storage room for a long time, and rescued Laura's appearance.

Neo Kamida Edit

Neo (voiced by Jack Stevens in English version) is in Alisa's and Sarah's parallel class and a real gaming expert. He is always cheerful, spontaneous and behaves very strikingly.

The Queen of Litchergarten Edit

This is the kind-hearted and wise Queen of Lichtergarten (voiced by Vanessa Marie in English version). She is also the mother of Mika. True, the physical, but she raised her as her own daughter.

Lucky Edit

Lucky (voiced by Ben Schwartz in English version) was once again in the class and has been since the girl swarm of the entire school. Nagisa detests him, but he wants to win her for himself.

Lea Tamaki Edit

Lea (voiced by Rachel Frewin English version) it is the classic design and is always top styled. Although she has a bad character, she is revered by most guys. She's after Lucky.

Karola Strudel Edit

Mrs. Strudel (voiced by Takeya Tayes in English version) is the class teacher of class 8d. It is strict but always there for someone who needs help, where their wheelers are not always the best.

Stefanie May Edit

Ms. Mai (voiced by Megan Giggey-Smith in English version) is the class teacher of class 9c. She has not been very long her profession and is very nice and amiable. Nevertheless, it can often not be used against a noisy class.

Enemies Edit

Darkmother Edit

Darkmother (voiced by Andy Wilson in English version) he was formerly the adviser to the kings of Lichtergarten, but irgentwann rose to power over him and wanted to overthrow the Queen from Trhon. She banished him to punishment. Thereupon he discovered a dark and powerful power within himself, creating a new, dark world and making himself a Herscher.

Through his power, he can also create monsters and make people who are well past his servants.

Witch Ice Cream Edit

Witch Ice Cream (voiced by Rachel Wu in English version) she is the servant of Darkmother and takes care of the ice. She used to be a good person who lived alone with her twin sister, but after that, the darkness of her got hold of her and she got her strength.

Witch Koruka Edit

Witch Koruka (voiced by Kim Morrison in English version) she is the servant of Darkmother and is the illusion. She used to be a good person who lived alone with her twin sister, but after that, the darkness of her got hold of her and she got her strength.

Vella Edit

Vella (voiced by Skye Green in English version) is the sister of Darkmother. Since her native island has been attacked, she is looking for him. In episode 7, she finds him again. It can create human-looking monsters.

Additional voices Edit