Since the company became a video game developer in 1978, Forcefield has developed countless arcade games. Today, Forcefield Entertainment continues to create various video games for a variety of platforms.

Note: This list only documents arcade games. For a full list of console games, see List of Forcefield Entertainment console games.

List of games Edit

Game Released Notes
Galaxy Shot 1978 Forcefield’s first video arcade game
Front Attack 1979
Flyball 1979
Astro Gunner 1980
New Galaxy Shot 1980 First sequel to Galaxy Shot
Super Flyball 1980 Sequel to Flyball
Sphere Droid 1981
Front Attack ‘82 1982 Sequel to Front Attack
Fighter Force Galican 1984
Kaija 1986 Originally an MSX game that was later adapted to an arcade game
Lucky-7 1986
Super Block Breaker 1987
Super Block Breaker: Special Edition 1987 Special version of Super Block Breaker that was designed to be harder than the original
Danger Castle 1987
StarCore 1987 Forcefield’s best selling franchise
Ryoku Jigoku 1988
Scramble Blade 1989
Scramble Blade DX 1989 Harder version of Scramble Blade that was sold as a conversion kit
Super StarCore 1989 First sequel to StarCore
Activator 1990
Attack Derby 1990 First game in the Derby Racing series
StarCore Ultra 1990 Second sequel to StarCore.
Galaxy Shot ‘91 1990 Second sequel to Galaxy Shot
Luckier-7 1991 Sequel to Lucky-7
StarCore Twin 1991 Third sequel to StarCore
Hyper Motocross 1992
The Fantastic Island of Wrigley 1992 Wrigley became Forcefield Entertainment’s official mascot.
Puzzle Club 1992
Capsule Buster 1992 Spin-off to Super Block Breaker
Tsu Tsu Block 1993
UFO-Kun 1993
Final StarCore 1993 Fourth sequel to StarCore
Hyper Combat 1994
Fantastic Journey 1994 Spin-off to StarCore that eventually became it’s own independent franchise
Attack Battalion 1994 A title based on Front Attack
Alpha Cresta 1994
Color Miki 1994
Happy Love 1994 Extremely sexual-themed shoot-em-up
Danger Castle Part II - Cascading Tower 1994 Sequel to Danger Castle
Menacer - After Story of Activator 1995 First sequel to Activator
Super Block Breaker 2 1995 Sequel to Super Block Breaker
Cyber Fox 1995

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