This is a complete list of Drillimation references hidden within animated television shows. Many of these references are hidden within anime and cartoon shows across the globe. Mostly-animated hybrid television shows also go on this list.

Animals Edit

Origin: Poland/United States
  • The show has used numerous Drillimation references throughout the series, mainly because Kyle Zchol (the creator of the show) is a huge fan of the Touhou Project series. As of December 2017, there have been 6,750,991 references used throughout the series (19,231,972 if you count all 5 films).

Baby AliveEdit

Notable examples and dubs ONLY, as there are over 10,000 Drillimation references in the show.

Origin: Island of Sally, Amedisa, Ireland
  • In the episode Harpsichordic Reactions, when Alive tries to wake up a dog, she plays four measures of the harpsichord part of Plain Asia from Touhou 8: Imperishable Night.
  • In the Miami Spanish dub, due to it being unauthorised (unofficial), the backing track has sound effects directly ripped from Drillimation games.
  • In the Puerto Changuese Spanish dub, Dead frequently references The Drillimation Series in her lines, as she is currently voiced by Núria Artiñano, the current Spanish voice of Konata Izumi.
  • The show revealed various things about Drillimation's games in European languages.

Country Ninjas Edit

Origin: YinYangia
  • Minecraftia Ninja frequently references The Drillimation Series in his lines, as he is voiced by Susumu Takajima.

Creation ShowEdit

Origin: United States
  • The Drillimation Series is referenced numerous times throughout the series, with one episode named Drillimation Moves In.

Dexter's LaboratoryEdit

Origin: United States
  • In the episode Copping an Aptitude, Dexter is studying while three college students are playing Driller Engine Grand Prix 2. The girl says, "Ha! Eat my dust, Kagami!" The boy says, "Oh yeah? Well here comes the leader shell!" The second boy then says, "Here's Lightning for both of you!" As the scene ends, Dexter tells the three to shut up, and the sound that plays when a player completes a lap can be heard.

Haruhi SuzumiyaEdit

Origin: Japan
  • Nagaru Tanigawa, the creator of the franchise, confirmed in a 2009 interview at a Dutch convention that the titular character and her reality warping powers were inspired by the Reality Attacker story arc of the 1986 Mr. Driller anime.
  • In the Drillimation danmaku shooter adaptation, Susumu Hori makes a cameo in one of her spell cards' backgrounds.

It's Jerry and HarryEdit

Origin: Minecraftia
  • In the episode If Video Games Were Real, one of the games Jerry and Harry try to play is a version of Driller Engine Grand Prix.

New Game!Edit

Origin: Japan
  • The main character, Aoba Suzukaze, was hugely inspired by Kagami Hiiragi. According to an interview with Drillimation, the manga's creator, Shoutarou Tokunou, was a former Drillimation employee and has also played the Lucky Star games as a child.
  • Hifumi's hedgehog, Soujirou, was named after Lord Soujirou.

Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese CatEdit

Origin: United States, Canada
  • The episode The Four Dragons was inspired by the Mystical Dragons arc of the 1986 Mr. Driller anime. This is because CinéGroupe, the show's producer, was the distributor of Drillimation anime in several countries for years.
  • In the XTek/NewKidCo open world adaptation Sagwa and the Shanghai Teahouse, Dongwa writes Susumu Takajima's name in Chinese (the kanji of his name, 高島 進) on a wall of the palace alleyway at one point. This is because XTek was formed as a joint-venture between Drillimation and Caspovian record label Siempre Música to produce games based off licensed properties with assistance of Drillimation staff, before being bought out by Drillimation entirely.

Uresei YatsuraEdit

Origin: Japan
  • The series' creator, Rumiko Takahashi, confirmed in an interview with Drillimation that the main character, Ataru, was named after Ataru Hori.

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!Edit

Origin: United States
  • Several songs, including the show's theme song, sound similar to songs from the 2003 Mr. Driller anime. This is because Brad Mossman, better known as b. MOSSMAN, was a composer for both.