This is a complete list of Drillimation references hidden within animated television shows. Many of these references are hidden within anime and cartoon shows across the globe.

Creation ShowEdit

Origin: United States
  • The Drillimation Series is referenced numerous times throughout the series, with one episode named Drillimation Moves In.

Dexter's LaboratoryEdit

Origin: United States
  • In the episode Copping an Aptitude, Dexter is studying while three college students are playing Driller Engine Grand Prix 2. The girl says, "Ha! Eat my dust, Kagami!" The boy says, "Oh yeah? Well here comes the leader shell!" The second boy then says, "Here's Lightning for both of you!" As the scene ends, Dexter tells the three to shut up, and the sound that plays when a player completes a lap can be heard.

It's Jerry and HarryEdit

Origin: Minecraftia
  • In the episode If Video Games Were Real, one of the games Jerry and Harry try to play is a version of Driller Engine Grand Prix.

New Game!Edit

Origin: Japan
  • The main character, Aoba Suzukaze, was hugely inspired by Kagami Hiiragi. According to an interview with Drillimation, the manga's creator, Shoutarou Tokunou, was a former Drillimation employee and has also played the Lucky Star games as a child.
  • Hifumi's hedgehog, Soujirou, was named after Lord Soujirou.

Uresei YatsuraEdit

Origin: Japan
  • The series' creator, Rumiko Takahashi, confirmed in an interview with Drillimation that the main character, Ataru, was named after Ataru Hori.

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