Kensland, unofficially known as Republic of Kensland is a country in North America. It is located south to Simerica, southeast to Kittenolivia, east to Goiky, and north to United El Kadsreian Nations. It has foreign relationships with El Kadsre, Mahri, Sentan, North El Kadsre, Vicnora, Minecraftia, Simerica, Japan and United States.


Independence: 1848-1941Edit

Dictatorship and Invasion: 1940-1946Edit

New Republic after end of World War II: 1946-presentEdit


Kensland is broken down into more than 31 provinces.

  • Alvaton
  • Cooliridge
  • Esthen
  • General Street
  • Honques
  • Kensport
  • North Pewtertown
  • Rustoboro
  • Saffron
  • Sentinel Palace
  • South Pewtertown
  • Vapford
  • Warmath




The country's popular television networks are: UBC, GBS, HTN, and KPTV. Qu1 and Qu2 are also a television networks owned by El TV Kadsre International with UEKN and local programs.

Radio networks are: KNR, URN, GSR, HRN.

Film companies are: Unite Pictures, GBS Films, Sentinel Entertainment, Kensfilm, and Alvation Pictures.

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