Justice League Kids is an Azaran-American animated television series, based on the Justice League episode "Kids' Stuff", produced by Azara Television and Warner Bros. Television.

Characters and voice actors

English version

Actor Role
Shane Haboucha (2004-2005) Kid Superman
Kyle Alcazar (2004-2005)

Colin Brice Herrera (2013-2015)

Kid Batman
Dakota Fanning Kid Wonder Woman
Marc John Jefferies (2004) Kid Green Lantern
Eric V. James (2004-late 2000s) Kid Flash
Kid Hawkgirl
Kid Martian Manhunter

Azaran version

International broadcast


  • Cartoon Network

El Kadsre

Nuclear Islands

Island of Sally

  • Nickelodeon (Nicktoons block)


Real world

  • Azara Network


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