Jun'ya Ohta (太田順也 Ōta Jun'ya?), often referred to by his alias ZUN, is a Japanese game programmer, composer, and artist currently working at Drillimation Studios. He is hugely known for creating the multi-billion dollar and Game of the Year award-winning series Touhou Project. Asides from creating the franchise, he has been involved in a number of Drillimation games.

Formerly, he worked at the now-defunct Amusement Software and Taito from 1998 until 2007.


Early YearsEdit

ZUN was born on March 18, 1967 in the Hakuba area of Nagano, Japan. From the time he was in junior high school, his parents bought him an Electone, and he originally belonged to a concert band in the time he was in junior high school.

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