Johnathan Estraft Xacast, also known as The King of Jaftsland is the first president of Jaftsland. He was the president for 10 years (1847-1857). He was born on February 7, 1769, AD (Dardğue 5, 112 JF; Jaftslish Calendar).

Personal life

When he was born in 1769, his great-grandfather ruled the Swedish-British Jaftsland. He was a politician since he was 10 years old in 1779. His father told a story about America has signed the peace in 1783, when John was just 14 years old. He was called Estran when he was a child.

In 1788, he fought against the Swedish along with his grandfather when John's great-grandfather died in 1784. He was chosen the "Prince of the Empire".

In 1789, when he was 20, he married Fressa and made only one son when he was 22, in 1791.

In 1800, his dad ruled the empire after his grandfather died in 1798. His dad founded Jaftsland in 1834 and gained independence from Sweden in 1837. Then he died in 1845 and John handles it. After 1847, Jaftsland finally becomes independent. And he became the first president of Jaftsland and known as the "King of Jaftsland"

In 1857, he told his son to be the president and he returned to his home. But 2 years later, he died because of diarrhea. And a lot of people celebrate 'Taftax Jeğ" or "Respect day" to pray and show respect for him.