Jamie the Alien is a 1988 Vlokozuian black comedy science fiction film, distributed by El TV Kadsre Films, directed by Merv Phelps, written by Adam Geary and stars Zlata Lugnov, Peter Adams, Dorothy Steed and Harmon Aitken, The film is loosely based on the Jamie's got Tentacles! children's book series.

Unlike Jamie's got Tentacles!, in which the story is Jamie, prince of Blarb, flees to Earth to escape the Vloks and sent two agents to capture him, the story of Jamie the Alien is about Jamie Peterson, the mentally-ill businessman who overheard the crash landing of the alien spaceship, where the radiation spread into him which makes him believe he is transforming into the alien. The film was a commercial flop, but it was favorite for Jamie's got Tentacles! fans.



Production and release