James Karlo Andrea is the third and the current president of the Republic of YinYangia since 2010.

Personal lifeEdit

Karlo was born to a Filipino Family in Lomana City in the Toralaq Republic (now YinYangia) in 1946. His father, Jon Andrea Morales was from the city of Mou'Xhan, YinYangia.

Karlo spoke the Filipino language when he was young, then he started speaking English when he was 6 years old. When he was 11, his grandfather, Fandalo Morales died.

He was graduated in Toralaq Filipino High School (now YinYangian Filipino High) in 1964. He started to become a politician in 1969 at the age of 23. His Father died when he was the age of 25. He married Rosalina Karlo Andrea when he was 30. He had 3 sons and only one daughter.

When YinYangia declared independence from Toralaq and the Toralaq Republic dissolved and became YinYangia in 1999, his oldest son, Maxson Karlo, became the president. After Robert Carlos, the second president, died at the age of 72 of cancer in 2010, Karlo became the third president of YinYangia.

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