Iroune Zeena Rudaski (b. 17th June, 1991), better known as her stage name, Iroune Ruby is a Kuboian-born Polish rapper, record producer, actress and activist.

Beginning her career at eleven years-old, she appeared in a variety of Nick Go! promotion before starting a musical career in 2006. She was part of the music group Young Guns from 2006 to 2012. Her debut single, "Passion", reached number 2 in the Karuboia singles chart.

Early life

Iroune Zeena Rudaski was born on 17th June, 1991 in the Kuboian Cliffs in North Kuboia to a Polish father, Qwyk Rudaski, and a Kuboian mother, Larmeine Otters. Larmeine and Qwyk married in Warsaw in 1988, three years before Iroune was born, and moved to Kuboia shortly after their marriage.

In her early childhood, Iroune was the victim to severe racism and was beaten up several times. This caused Iroune to skip school constantly before dropping out of school completely at the age of eleven.


2002 to 2005

As a preteen, Iroune spent her time filming promotional material for Nick Go!, whilst also taking music lessons once a week.

Personal life

On 21st November, 2007, Rodrick Miles confirmed that Iroune was in a relationship with fellow Nick Go! affiliate XP. The two eventually married on XP's sixteenth birthday on 12th August, 2008. Since Iroune is fourteen months older than XP, their marriage was illegal in Kuboia, so the two married in Structune, Jetania. The couple have had two children together, born in 2008 and 2013.

In March 2018, DJ Kubin mentioned that Iroune was angry at the growing prominence of mumble rap. Later that year, she was involved in controversy after she labelled Lil Pump and Bhad Bhabie as "fake little brats".



As lead artist

As featured artist