Igor's Greedy Square is an arcade-themed board in the HotShots Party series of video games. It has only appeared in one game so far, being HotShots Party 3. Igor is in charge of the board, with him running the item shops and minigames on the board, with Akira Kogami running the lottery shop and Lucky Star space.


HotShots Party 3

"Akira: Hiya, luckies! Welcome to Igor's Greedy Square! I am Akira Kogami, and I'll be your navigator, while Igor will be your guide on this board.
Igor: I had all this free space around here, and I decided to turn it into an arcade! Feel your heart pounding happily and your nerves jittering as you play the many games here!"
- Board introduction

The board is based on a video arcade, mainly the ones found in shopping malls and fun centers. The main feature of the board is the redemption machine, which determines where players will go. Every time a player comes up to it, Igor will appear and ask to pay coins to get closer to the Lucky Star space. If the coin lands on a gold area, the player will win 20 coins and they can choose where they want to go.

Another way for navigation is through the Rally Table, where the player drives across a small track and grab coins in the style of the Namco game Rally-X as they make their way to the other side of the board. Another minigame is the dice duels run by the Lucky Stars of Yutaka Kobayakawa, Minami Iwasaki, Patricia Martin, and Hiyori Tamura. The main objective is to beat the other character by rolling higher than them. Rolling lower than them will send them back to the start space. If they win, they will get ten coins and continue moving.

Another one of the minigames is played in the style of Namco's Libble Rabble, where the player must retrieve an item from a chest by surrounding it using two arrows controlled by the left and right analog sticks. The pegs aid in helping the player capture it.