If Rod Roddy Indeed Retired is a 2005 El Kadsreian mockumentary presenting an alternate history if Rod Roddy was retired due to his illness instead of being passed away, directed by Tom Vkzota, starring Dave Vakzro as Rod, Bob Barker as himself and Bob Hilton as himself. The film was released by VIVA Films in El Kadsre on October 14, 2005. It was released to positive reception.


The movie is presented as if Rod Roddy was retired instead of passed away and replaced by Rich Fields. On October 27, 2003, Roger Dobkowitz said that Rod is retired due to his illness after a colon fight.


On October 27, 2003, Rod Roddy went retired from The Price is Right due to his illness. After his retirement, Rod asked in a request that was sent from Bob Barker that 1985 tryout announcer Bob Hilton was decided to replace Rod after his retirement. A CBS employee said he liked Bob Hilton to replace Rod after his retirement. CBS' first choice to replace Rod was Winning Lines USA announcer Chuck Riley, but Roger Dobkowitz turned it down. He was soon replaced by Dee Bradley Baker, but Bob Barker turned it down before it landed on 1985 tryout announcer Bob Hilton. However, 1985 tryout announcer Bob Hilton started to tape The Price is Right beginning on November 3, 2003 after Rod's retirement


  • Dave Vakzro as Rod Roddy
  • Bob Barker as himself
  • Bob Hilton as himself


The film was released in El Kadsre by VIVA Films and in the US by IFC Films on October 14, 2005, but there are VidSpace videos that are distributed by Paramount Classics.

Critical receptionEdit

On Rotten Tomatoes, If Rod Roddy Indeed Retired was given a 85% fresh with 28 reviews.

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