Hungry Shark: The Series is a 3D animated TV series based on the FGOL/Ubisoft game Hungry Shark Evolution. It was first aired on October 12, 2015, on Parlor Television in the United Kingdom. The series has events before Hungry Shark World.


The story starts with owned protagonist Reef Shark and Swimmers Andrew and Nadine. But he needs to eat more fishes and humans to grow bigger with the shark. After evolving turning into Mako Shark by using the evolution stone, so they can eat anglerfishes and stingrays, but can't eat Hammerhead sharks. Finally, the shark evolved many times turned into Andy the Shark.


  • The Shark - The character stars with Reef Shark.
  • Andrew - Male adult swimmer.
  • Nadine - Female adult swimmer.
  • Jay - Young male swimmer.
  • Marla - Young female swimmer.
  • Great White Shark
  • Andy the Shark
  • Koro - Swimmer's rival and enemy.

Voice actors Edit

  • Keith Silverstein as The Shark
  • Ian Sinclair as Andrew
  • Jennifer Hale as Nadine
  • Justin Bradley as Jay
  • Tara Strong as Maria

International broadcastingEdit

Australia Edit

  • Network Ten

Barokia Edit

Brazil Edit

  • SBT

Canada Edit

  • Global

Deconara Edit

  • 3TV

Denmark Edit

  • TV3

El Kadsre Edit

  • CPN One
  • Viva

France Edit

  • M6

Hjallford Edit

  • FCTH Kids

Italy Edit

  • Rete 4

India Edit

  • Zee TV

Indonesia Edit

  • SCTV

Malaysia Edit

  • TV3

Mahri Edit

  • TVM
  • Channel Six

Netherlands Edit

  • SBS 6

New Zealand Edit

  • TVNZ 2

North El Kadsre Edit

  • Nine
  • N1

Philippines Edit

  • GSTV
  • Maiandra TV

Sentan Edit

  • FBS
  • Tri

Singapore Edit

  • Mediacorp Channel 8

Sweden Edit

  • TV4

Spain Edit

  • LaSexta

Umikuni Edit

  • BTV

United Kingdom Edit

  • Channel 5
  • Parlor Television

United States Edit

  • Fox
  • Parlor Television

Vicnora Edit

  • InterTelevision

YinYangia Edit

Worldwide Edit

  • The Parlor Channel

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