Hjallford (pronounced hyal-ford) officially the Denomnym States of Hjallford, is a country in Europe located between the United Kingdom and France.



The currency of Hjallford is Euro.


In Hjallford, it was made of 3 states, Hjallia, Fords and South England. South England is the largest state and Fords is the smallest state. But soon, South England will break up with Hjallford and South England will be Independent. South England and Fords are the states where they speak English and Hjallia is the state where they speak Hjallfordian (Yalfan). Hjallford City is located at the Fords state.


The Television Channels of Hjallford are, FCTH, SEBC, Bowan Network, TV Capital, TV5, etc. The radio networks are HBC Radio, SEBC Radio World etc.


The population of Hjallford is 8,683,981.



Hjallford Mostly speaks English, but some areas speak some other languages like French, Spanish, Italian, Danish etc.

  • Yellow = English
  • Red = French
  • Green = Helvish
  • Blue = Hjallian/Hjallfordian
  • Dark Red = None

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