Half-youkai (半妖怪 Han-yōkai?) is a term given to humanoids if one of their parents is a youkai-born and the other is a humanoid. In The Drillimation Series, it is the most common type of humanoid.

Notable half-youkaiEdit

Normal inheritanceEdit

Person Humanoid Parent Youkai-born Parent
Konata Izumi Soujirou Izumi Kanata Izumi (neé likely Kobayakawa)
Hiroki Takajima Hiroshi Takajima Miyuki Takajima (neé unknown)
Susumu Takajima
Keishi Yamauchi Kenjirou Yamauchi Ayano Fuchigami
Reina Yamauchi
Shinji Yamauchi

Half-youkai and muggle inheritanceEdit

Person Humanoid Parent Half-youkai Parent
Kumiko Uchida Hikari Uchida (née unknown) Tomohiro Uchida

Half-youkai and youkai-born inheritanceEdit

Person Youkai-born Parent Half-youkai Parent
Minoru Takajima Kagami Ochiai Susumu Takajima
Konata Takajima
Satoru Takajima

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