The Graduation Ceremony (卒業式 Sotsugyōshiki?) is a yearly ritual performed at the end of the school year at Minecraftia High School. The fourth-year students graduate and leave the school in a symbolic way, as they leave via a bus that transported them to Minecraftia High School prior to their first year.


In the animeEdit

Chuhou ProjectEdit

Hiroki graduated from the school during Driller's second year. The same one appears during Driller's fourth year.

Ceremony sequenceEdit

The ceremony begins when everyone is seated. Pomp and Circumstance is played as the graduates enter the auditorium and become seated. The staff then reads over what the graduates did to Minecraftia High School over their four years, along with some speeches given by a few students. The diplomas are then given, with the principal describing what they will be doing for their future. This process usually takes one to two hours depending on the number of students graduating. After the diplomas are given, the graduates flip their tassels and turn to the audience. After facing forwards again, a few more speeches are given along with a light show of the alignment that won this school year.

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